Rose Gold Wedding Bands: A Trend to Warm Up To 

14K Rose Gold Comfort Fit Wedding Band Ring (6mm)

Rose gold is all the rage for wedding bands! A recent Los Angeles Times article described the unique appeal of rose gold, saying that “it’s warmer and a bit more romantic” than platinum, white gold or yellow gold. This unique romantic appeal makes rose gold an excellent pick for the piece of jewelry that’s meant to represent your love for a lifetime: a wedding band. And, Apples of Gold’s collection of Rose gold wedding bands offers you dozens of options, from the trendy to the traditional.

Sometimes referred to as pink gold, rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper; the latter is responsible for this metal’s unique hue. This color is surprisingly versatile: it’s just as warm as yellow gold, but with a softer personality, and it complements a wide range of skin tones.

As is the case with all gold that’s used in jewelry, the addition of metals like copper serves not only to give gold its color, but also to make it durable enough for wear. Pure gold is quite malleable on its own, but when it’s alloyed with copper, it not only takes on a pink hue; it also becomes a pick that holds its shape for the long haul.

14K Rose Gold Brushed Wedding Band Ring

Rose gold might be a trend, but it’s far from new. In millennia past, the Chinese, the Greeks and the Romans all had their own versions of this lovely metal—not surprising when you consider that in nature, gold isn’t pure, and that many cultures would have utilized it as it was: often containing copper. In ages past, gold was often described as being reddish in color, a description most likely due to the presence of copper, and one that gives evidence to the long-standing use of rose gold.

In more recent history, rose gold was popular in Russia over a century ago, leading it to the nickname of “Russian gold.” In the 1920s, this metal became popular in the United States when French jeweler Cartier introduced the trinity ring, a style comprised of three interlocking bands, one of yellow gold, one of white gold and one of rose gold.

Over the last few years, rose gold has been making a comeback, showing up in pieces from bangle bracelets to wedding rings. Let’s take a look at the many ways to wear this trend in wedding bands.

Engraved Paisley Wedding Band, 14K Rose Gold

Plain rose gold wedding bands are unfussy but striking ways to showcase the unique beauty of this metal. For instance, the 6mm 14K Rose Gold Comfort Fit Wedding Band Ring gives the timeless wedding band a warm, pink-tinged shine that makes it stand out. Crafted from solid rose gold, this is a classic style that’s poised to be passed on to future generations. This simply elegant ring is available in a range of widths, from 4mm to 8mm.

Handmade Paisley Floral Wedding Band, 14K Rose Gold

If you’d like a plain rose gold wedding band with a bit of a more modern look, don’t miss the 14K Rose Gold Brushed Wedding Band Ring! This 7mm wide band has a subdued and sophisticated brushed finish that creates an understated and elegant look, while its flat shape provides a subtly updated silhouette. A polished stripe wraps around the center of this ring, adding contrast and drawing the eye.

14K Rose Gold Hammered Wedding Band Ring

Of course, there’s far more to rose gold wedding bands than these simple styles, and Apples of Gold’s collection proves that there’s a wide array of ways to wear this warmly glowing metal. Vintage styles take particularly well to the pinkish hue of rose gold, a color that gives a time-honored looks a glow that’s simultaneously romantic and updated. For instance, the Engraved Paisley Wedding Band in 14K Rose Gold gives a 7mm wide rose gold band a design that swirls like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” This expertly-carved design wraps around this ring in lively fashion, offset by delicate beaded borders and smooth edges that add extra touches of class.

The Handmade Paisley Floral Wedding Band in 14K Rose Gold provides another gorgeous take on Victorian-inspired style. This hand-crafted band is gracefully adorned with four-petal flowers and swirls, giving it a look that’s sweet and sophisticated. It’s no surprise that this is one of Apples of Gold’s most popular rose gold wedding bands for women.

Wide Square Wedding Band in 14K Rose Gold

Although rose gold has a decidedly gentle hue, it’s an excellent medium for hammered styles, as demonstrated by the 14K Rose Gold Hammered Wedding Band Ring. This 6.5mm wide ring has an evenly-pounded finish, offset by smooth, gleaming beveled edges as it perfectly balances romance and rugged good looks.

Although the pinkish hue of rose gold may seem more suited for women’s wedding bands, wedding rings that are crafted from this metal aren’t just for ladies! Apples of Gold’s selection of Men’s rose gold wedding bands contains over 40 distinctive styles for guys looking for a wedding band that’s a little out of the ordinary.

Flexible Designer Wedding Band in 14K Rose Gold

If you’re a guy in search of a decidedly modern look, don’t miss the Wide Square Wedding Band in 14K Rose Gold! This isn’t a complicated style, but its bold shape and size set it apart. At first glance, this might seem to be a plain wide wedding band, but a closer look reveals that it’s not a traditional circular band, but a rounded-off square instead. The polished finish gives this ring a look that’s sleek and contemporary. At 8mm wide and 2mm thick, this is a substantial style—both in heft and in modern class.

For a modern look with an innovative design, consider the Flexible Designer Wedding Band in 14K Rose Gold. This truly unique ring calls to mind a watch band, as links of solid, shining rose gold work together in three rows to create a ring that fits your finger perfectly. Handmade with an expert eye, this is a ring that’s far from ordinary.

Rose gold wedding rings may be trendy, but their warm glow gives them enduring appeal. From plain rose gold rings to eye-catching modern designs, this is one trend that’s worth warming up to.

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