Diamond Wedding Rings with Surprising Side Views 

07-23-2013 I Love You Diamond Wedding Band RingLooking for a wedding ring that’s more than it seems at first glance? Try one of these diamond wedding bands with a surprising side view!

The I Love You Diamond Wedding Band Ring is a modern style with a hidden message of love. While the 12 diamonds that are channel-set into this 14K white gold band are immediately visible, the words “I love you” that are carved into the sides of band are seen only by the wearer—and whoever she chooses to reveal them to. The sleek polished surfaces of this ring make it a cool and contemporary pick with a meaningful touch.

1/4 Carat Diamond Paisley Wedding BandThe 1/4 Carat Diamond Paisley Wedding Band gives a vintage touch to a classic eternity band, courtesy of the lively engraved paisley designs that call to mind the graceful curves of an infinity knot as they adorn the sides of this 14K white gold ring. Straight on, this style appears to be a straightforward diamond band that hugs 0.23 carats of between gleaming edges of white gold, but when viewed from the side, the lively carved design sets it apart. It’s one of several paisley wedding bands that’s given a glamorous upgrade with a dose of sparkle.

1/2 Carat Antique Style Diamond Wedding BandOf course, how better to accent the sides of a diamond wedding band than with even more diamonds? The 1/2 Carat Antique Style Diamond Wedding Band does just that in glamorous fashion. A total of 87 glittering diamonds adorn three sides of this striking wedding ring, creating a congruous look reminiscent of the styles of times long gone by. Petite beaded edges offset these gems with class.

Each of these diamond wedding bands for women has a side view that makes it more than worth a second glance! These rings are perfect for communicating a love that’s far more than just one-dimensional.

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