Floral Wedding Band Rings for a Love that’s in Bloom 

03-23-2013 Floral Vineyard Band in 14K White Gold

Whether you’re planning a spring wedding or one in the dead of winter, your wedding rings serve as continual reminders of the vibrancy of your lifelong love. Floral wedding bands, with their ever-blooming blossoms, add an extra touch of symbolism, creating a picture of the way that true love makes every season the season of new life and growing affection.

Flowers are often used as symbols of affection as they epitomize the beauty of love that’s fresh and alive. When you give the one you love a floral wedding band (or when you wear the floral style that’s been given to you) you celebrate that your love and commitment are always in bloom, year after year and decade after decade.

Hand Carved Floral Wedding Band, 14K White GoldFloral patterns are always in good taste, and while they peak in popularity every so often, they never go out of style. Many of Apples of Gold’s botanically-inspired wedding bands display the styles of Victorian Era, a time associated with romance, and capture them with a sense of lively charm.

The Hand Carved Floral Wedding Band in 14K White Gold is overflowing with floral beauty. This 4mm-wide band is adorned with a repeating floral motif that covers three sides of the band, creating a pattern that could have been pulled directly from a Victorian tapestry and that can be enjoyed from any angle. These four-petal blossoms create a look that’s sweet and sure to draw all the right sort of attention.

Handmade Paisley Floral Wedding Band, 14K Rose GoldThe Handmade Paisley Floral Wedding Band in 14K Rose Gold is a slightly more subtle take on floral style, but it rewards all those who take a moment to take a closer look. This demurely-designed ring is just 3mm wide, but it packs a lot of feminine style within its petite stature. A soft floral design is delicately carved into this sweet style, accented by swirls of paisley that capture the romance of times past. This lovely handcrafted style is also available in white gold and yellow gold if you’d prefer a more traditional but equally beautiful look.

Floral Vineyard Wedding Band in 14K White GoldPaisley is a perfectly pretty partner for floral designs and the Floral Vineyard Wedding Band in 14K White Gold is another lovely example of this pairing. A flower and paisley motif is expertly carved all the way around this ring, creating a look that’s lively, feminine and sophisticated. This three-dimensional design rises above smooth edges, as these sleek polished surfaces create shining borders that hem in this ring’s lively design and add a touch of class.

Not surprisingly, wedding bands with floral motifs can serve as fitting partners for many vintage-style engagement rings, but they’re also lovely with simple diamond solitaire rings or three-stone designs. Wedding rings adorned with flowers bring a meaningful and beautiful touch that adds to the beauty of unfussy engagement rings, just as they accent the designs of diamond rings inspired by the past.

Floral wedding rings like these never fail to communicate that your love is alive and growing. Their beauty—and their message—will never wilt.

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