Celtic Crosses: St. Patrick’s Take on an Easter Symbol 

Celtic Cross Pendant - 14K GoldSt. Patrick’s Day was just a few days ago and Easter is less than two week away—what better time than the present to wear a symbol of both holidays? Celtic crosses combine the emblems of the Emerald Isle with a representation of the greatest gift of all: the gift Christ gave on the cross.

Although the origins of the Celtic cross are uncertain, there are many legends about how it came it be. One popular legend tells how St. Patrick, the priest known for spreading the gospel in Ireland, made the mark of the cross over a circle that the Druids had made on one of their sacred stones, adapting an existing symbol to make the cross more relevant within the culture.

While many believe that the Celtic cross was in existence long before St. Patrick, this story is a testament to the significance that has been given to this emblem since the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. What was once a symbol of a Druid deity (a circle) has been combined with the symbol of Christ’s sacrifice, and has been used to represent faith for centuries.

14K White Gold Claddagh Cross PendantApples of Gold’s collection of gold crosses contains a number of striking Celtic crosses and The Celtic Cross Pendant in 14K Gold is a striking example as it fills a strong outline of a Celtic cross with interweaving Celtic knot motifs. These designs have been used by many as symbols of eternity as they have no beginning or end, and when they’re combined with this powerful cross, they serve as a reminder that Christ’s love endures forever.

The 14K White Gold Claddagh Cross Pendant puts a twist on the Celtic cross by using a Claddagh in place of the circle that’s usually seen.  Centered on this simple 1 3/16″-high white gold cross is symbol that’s more often seen in Celtic rings, but it adds a welcome and meaningful touch. The three parts of the Claddagh each hold significance: the heart represents love, the hands represent friendship and the crown represents fidelity.  This is a lovely piece to give to anyone with whom you share faith and friendship.

US Army Cross Pendant in 14K GoldAlthough the Celtic cross has Irish origins, when it’s incorporated into pieces such as the US Army Cross Pendant in 14K Gold it can help to convey your support of the troops that serve on behalf of the United States. A round medallion engraved with a U.S. Army insignia is placed atop of a gleaming 14K yellow gold Celtic cross, creating a declaration of your gratitude for our troops and your faith in God to watch over them. Similar styles are available for other branches of the military, allowing you to show your support for anyone serving our country.

Sterling silver cross pendants are versatile and affordable symbols of faith and Apples of Gold carries a range of Celtic crosses in this cool, stylish metal such as the Celtic Cross Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver. No matter which metal you choose, Celtic cross pendants are meaningful accents for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and all year long.

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