Bridal Jewelry for Any Woman’s Walk Down the Aisle 

05-13-2013 bridal ring collectionNo matter what sort of jewelry you—or the woman you love—gravitate toward, there’s bridal jewelry to match! Apples of Gold carries over 220 different women’s wedding bands and nearly as many diamond bridal sets, which means that there’s a look to suit every bride, both for her walk down the aisle and for every day to follow.

Paisley Carved Wedding Band in 14K White GoldVintage wedding bands for women are particularly popular picks for brides these days. These feminine pieces bring a taste of the past to symbols of love without end, and are beautiful and meaningful ways to celebrate a love that will stand the test of time. While these designs may be inspired by the pieces that were popular several generations ago, their charm and meaning are always in good taste.

The Paisley Carved Wedding Band in 14K White Gold is a much-loved example of vintage styles’ appeal. This airy yet substantial 14K white gold style gorgeously displays a gracefully-curving paisley motif, framed by smooth, shining borders.

14K White Gold & Rose Gold Wedding BandOf course, vintage styles aren’t the only way to go! Brides who are fans of modern looks or classic styles with a twist have many designs to choose from, including the 14K White Gold and Rose Gold Wedding Band. At first glance, this unique piece appears to be a plain brushed 14K white gold wedding band; however there’s more to this ring than first meets the eye. The sides and inner surface of this ring reveal a soft, warm surprise: shining rose gold. This contrasting color and texture is a creative way to represent the love that you share with only one.

For those in search of a completely coordinated bridal jewelry looks, one of Apples of Gold’s diamond bridal sets may be a perfect pick! These pairs of engagement rings and wedding bands are designed for each other, and when they’re nestled side by side they create stunning pictures of the way that a husband and wife who complement one another are truly better together than they are apart.

1 Carat Diamond Swirl Bridal Wedding Ring SetThe 1 Carat Diamond Swirl Bridal Wedding Ring Set is an excellent example of a set in which two rings cooperate to form a unified symbol of love that’s more beautiful that either piece could be on its own. A glittering half-carat round diamond is the focal point of this contemporary pairing, and it’s joined by 44 smaller round diamonds that adorn the elegantly-curving bands of the both the engagement ring and the wedding band. These stones sweep up and around the center stone, creating the illusion of a wave of diamonds that washes over the wearer’s finger in perfect harmony. These two rings are perfect for one another and perfect for any bride looking for a modern way to symbolize her connection with the one she loves.

Pieces of bridal jewelry are far more than accessories for the wedding day—they’re lifelong symbols of love! And, a wedding band or bridal jewelry set that perfectly suits your personality is a celebration that you and the one you love are an excellent fit.

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