Diamond Bridal Sets: Four Ways they Represent Lasting Love 

Diamond bridal sets are stunningly gorgeous and endlessly sparkling—it’s hard to deny their dazzling beauty! However, these ring pairings aren’t excellent picks only for their good looks. Coordinating diamond engagement ring and wedding band sets also create striking symbols of the matchless bond that’s created in a marriage. Here are just four ways that these bridal jewelry sets represent lasting love:

1 Carat Diamond Swirl Bridal Wedding Ring Set1. Complementary rings create a picture of a complementary relationship. The engagement ring and wedding band in each of Apples of Gold’s bridal ring sets move together in perfect harmony, creating a picture of the way that a husband and wife live as one. Although these rings are different from one another, they complement one another, each bringing out the best in the other. For example, the two pieces in the 1 Carat Diamond Swirl Bridal Wedding Ring Set work together in unison to create a modern, sparkling symbol of connection. A round half-carat diamond is surrounded by two swirling lines of diamonds, creating a look that captures the sweeping nature of true love.

2. Diamonds, like no other gemstone, symbolize eternity. No gemstone can boast the hardness and durability of a diamond, and because of this, this stone has long been associated with love that never dies. Bridal sets that are rich with these “forever” stones provide gorgeous reminders of your lifelong commitment and endless affection.1 Carat Diamond Wedding and Engagement ring Set

3. The circular shape of these pairs represents love that never ends. As is the case in all wedding bands, the circular shape of the rings in diamond bridal sets has no beginning or end, making it the ideal symbol of love that never runs out. The 1 Carat Diamond Wedding and Engagement Ring Set puts this shape into the forefront by setting over 100 diamonds on the sides of the bands, providing sparkle from either side as well as from the top. A 0.50 carat round diamond adorns the engagement ring, providing a glittering centerpiece for this chic pair.

1 Carat Love's Embrace Carat Diamond Bridal Ring Set4. Precious stones and metals symbolize the precious nature of your love. Both precious metals and precious gemstones represent a love that is of matchless worth. By giving a pair of rings that features both, you make a statement that the love you share is too precious for words. The 1 Carat Love’s Embrace Carat Diamond Bridal Ring Set is a 14K white gold testament to the treasure of an embrace from the one you love. A half carat round diamond is hugged by a loop of smaller stones in the unique engagement ring in this set, while a coordinating wedding band meets the one-of-a-kind curves of its partner without missing a beat. This pair is contemporary, meaningful and sure to draw all the right kinds of attention.

All of these reasons add up to give diamond bridal sets the ability to become far more than the sums of their parts. These gorgeous pairs of diamond rings serve as stunning reminders that you and the one you love are better together than you are apart.

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