Antique-Style Gemstone Rings that Bring the Past to Life 

The past continually fascinates, and from Jane Austin novels to the tales of Ernest Hemmingway, we’re often drawn to stories of times when life moved at a less harried pace. These tales provide a chance to escape and absorb ourselves in a world before cell phones and constant screen time. The styles of the Victorian Era can also call to mind simpler times, and vintage gemstone rings are a lovely way to bring the past to life.

Vintage Filigree Ruby Ring in 14K White GoldClassic precious gemstones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds add timeless touches of rich color to rings that are inspired by times past. For instance, the Vintage Filigree Ruby Ring in 14K White Gold places a 2.5mm round ruby in the center of an intricate 14K white gold design. An airy filigree motif adorns the top of this demure piece, while engraved flowers and ribbons are expertly carved onto the slender 2mm band. This ring captures the romanticism of the Victorian Era and makes it accessible for modern women.

The ability of vintage styles to capture the romanticism of times gone by allows them to serve as meaningful and beautiful engagement rings. When given as symbols of commitment and affection, these pieces become not only stylish statements, but also declarations of a love that will last for years and years to come.

Enchanted White Topaz Ring in 14K White GoldFor instance, the Enchanted White Topaz Ring in 14K White Gold readily serves as a feminine, meaningful and surprisingly affordable engagement ring. A 4.5mm round white topaz glimmers from the center of this Victorian design; this gem is a budget-friendly stand-in for a diamond that has a beauty all its own. The setting that holds this unique gem is painstakingly crafted into an emblem of an era of romance. Swirls and cutouts form a memorable motif that elevates this ring far above the ordinary.

Of course, vintage diamond rings also serve equally well as statements of good taste and declarations of love. A diamond—the hardest, most durable gemstone—seems especially fitting is styles that have proven their staying power, and its matchless sparkle breathes life into time-tested designs.

Vintage Fleur-de-Lis Diamond Ring in 14K White GoldThe Vintage Fleur-de-Lis Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold is a fitting example of an antique style that’s full of life. The graceful Fleur-de-lis (French for “flower of the lily”) motif that gracefully adorns this ring has been used as a symbol since the 12th century, a time when it represented French royalty, as well as light, life and perfection. Later, English kings incorporated this symbol in their coats of Arms, and it’s even said that Joan of Arc carried a flag that portrayed this motif when she led the French troops into battle. Needless to say, this design has a long history. But, when it’s crafted in airy fashion from 14K white gold and accented with a 0.10 carat round diamond, it becomes a gorgeous piece for the present.

Antique-style gemstones rings may be inspired by the past, but they’re far from outdated. As these pieces prove, these designs haven’t lost any of their appeal.

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