New Diamond Bridal Ring Sets: Perfectly Paired 

1.69 Carat Antique Style Diamond Bridal SetWhen two people are perfectly paired, they’re better together than they could ever be apart. They complement one another, each bringing out the best in the other and each allowing the other to shine. When they’re together, they are truly beautiful. Apples of Gold’s new diamond bridal sets are a stunning representation of the way that you and the one you love make each other better.

The engagement ring and wedding band in each of these pairs combine to create a unified look that’s a symbol of the unity in a marriage relationship. Whether you’re a fan of vintage styles or more modern looks, there’s a set that perfectly represents your complementary relationship.

1 Carat Love's Embrace Carat Diamond Bridal Ring SetThe 1.13 Carat Antique Style Diamond Bridal Set is lavishly adorned with over 160 diamonds, creating a breathtaking symbol of the incredibly precious nature of your love. A 0.33 carat round diamond accents the engagement ring in this set, and it’s surrounded by a host of strong supporting players. Both the wedding band and the engagement ring are covered in diamonds on all sides except for the inner surface, creating a look that dazzles from any angle. This set is truly show-stopping and timelessly glamorous. Although this pair is inspired by the past, there’s no denying its present-day appeal.

1 Carat Diamond Swirl Bridal Wedding Ring SetIf you’d prefer a contemporary look over an antique style, consider the one of Apples of Gold’s Bridal ring sets with modern sensibility, such as the 1 Carat Love’s Embrace Carat Diamond Bridal Ring Set. The unique engagement ring in this set features a sparkling 0.50 carat round diamond, hugged by a loop of diamonds that sweeps around it from one side of the slender, diamond-studded band, giving the impression that this ring is fastened around the wearer’s finger with a glimmering hook-and-eye closure. An equally slender, similarly adorned wedding bands meets the asymmetrical curves of this ring in perfect harmony.

The 1 Carat Diamond Swirl Bridal Wedding Ring Set also exhibits a big dose of modern asymmetrical appeal. As is the case in the set before it, the engagement ring in this set showcases a 0.50 carat round stone; this time, however, it’s surrounded with a wave-like swirl of smaller diamonds as the bands of both pieces sweep upward with undeniable sophistication.

1 Carat Diamond Bridal Wedding SetIf you’re in search of rings with a twist that can stop traffic, don’t miss the 1 Carat Diamond Bridal Wedding Set! This pair’s diamond encrusted bands have been constructed from two intertwining strands of 14K white gold, creating a stunning picture of the way that two lives are woven together to become one. These graceful twists are dripping with elegance and will only become more beautiful and more treasured with the passing of time. A 0.50 carat round diamond serves as the centerpiece of the engagement ring, and is perfectly complemented by the feminine band that holds it.

Each of these engagement and wedding ring sets combines two gorgeous rings in perfect harmony, allowing each piece to draw out the best in its partner. Like you and the one you love, they’re perfect pairs.


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