Three Unique Gemstones You Shouldn’t Miss 

Are you a fan of jewelry that’s a stunningly beautiful and a little out of the ordinary? Why not venture beyond well-known gems such as sapphires or garnets and try a ring that features a slightly more unusual stone, such as smokey topaz, kunzite or green amethyst? These unique gemstone rings are unexpected and truly extraordinary.

In addition to their one-of-a-kind beauty, each of these semiprecious stones is a relatively affordable choice. And, any one of them can infuse fresh life into time-honored styles, giving them an eye-catching edge.

Cushion-Cut 3.52 Carat Smoky Topaz and Diamond RingSmokey quartz is has a slightly mysterious appeal that lives up to its name. This variety of quartz has a cool brownish hue that brings to mind a smoldering campfire on a crisp fall evening. Smokey quartz rings aren’t only for fall, however. Their subtle, sophisticated color works well in any season, complementing both the deep, rich shades of the cooler months and the lighter looks of summer. While we know that the out-of-the-ordinary look of this stone is due to free silicon within this gem, a result of natural radiation, it never ceases to intrigue all who see it.

The understated color of smokey topaz allows even sizeable specimens of this stone to maintain a subtle, classy allure. For instance, the Cushion-Cut 3.52 Carat Smoky Topaz and Diamond Ring proudly displays a 9mm cushion-cut smokey topaz, accented by .40 carats of glittering diamonds, including 14 diamonds that form a frame around this ring’s main attraction. The contrast created by the two gems in this ring seems to add to its intrigue.

Vintage Rose Kunzite Ring in 14K White GoldKunzite was discovered in California a little over a century ago, making it a relative newcomer to the jewelry scene. This pale pink stone, a member of the spodumen family, has just a hint of violet and a soft sparkling nature that makes it a lovely choice for feminine styles. For instance, the Vintage Rose Kunzite Ring in 14K White Gold places a sizeable but demure oval-shaped kunzite in a stunning Victorian-inspired setting that’s lavishly adorned with intricately carved flowers. This lush 14K white gold setting elevates the stone it holds like a crown, putting its unique glimmer on display.

While most of us are familiar with the purple variety of amethyst, green amethyst is relatively unknown. That’s a shame, because this gem exhibits a cool, soft green that’s unmatched by any other stone. Green amethyst rings offer a soothing yet invigorating sparkle that’s as refreshing as the first crocus popping up through the snow.

Sea-Foam Green Amethyst and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold features a dazzling 2.80 carat green amethyst, 10mm high, surrounded by smaller diamonds in a loop that frames this oval-shaped center stone. A slender band studded with additional diamonds provides an extra measure of sparkle. While this style isn’t complicated, the unique gem it contains sets it apart and makes it truly memorable.

There’s no need to be ordinary when it comes to your jewelry! Don’t miss these three unique gemstones to express your one-of-a-kind sense of style.

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