Diamond Bridal Sets for Your Constant, Brilliant Love 

A diamond represents constancy, symbolizing something that endures through the years and through the storms. As the most resilient and brilliant of gemstones, it’s able to signify both steadfast commitment and affection that sets your heart on fire. The qualities that set the diamond apart from all other gems make it the perfect choice to celebrate your love as husband and wife and diamond bridal sets use this stone to its full, resplendent potential.

Diamond engagement ring and wedding band sets are not only beautiful; they also create pictures of the unity between husband and wife. As two different pieces work together to from a look that’s greater than the sum of its parts, they also form a symbol of the way that two people in a marriage relationship are better together than they are apart.

1.69 Carat Antique Style Diamond Bridal SetApples of Gold recently added dozens of diamond bridal sets to their collection, so if you haven’t browsed it lately, be sure to take a look! From vintage-style pairs that have proven their ability to remain beautiful as the decades pass to classic looks to contemporary designs, there’s a set for any bride.

Styles that are lavished with diamonds serve as dazzling pictures of the precious nature of your love and of its unyielding strength. The 1.69 Carat Antique Style Diamond Bridal Set is a stunning example. This vintage-inspired ring features over 160 diamonds, not the least of which is the sparkling round stone that adorns the engagement ring. Dozens of channel-set stones cover three sides of the bands of both pieces in this set, creating a look that overflows with sparkle from every angle. These glittering rows of stones are accented by dainty beaded edges, completing a look that captures the best of the Victorian Era.

1.30 Carat Diamond Bridal Wedding SetDiamonds are truly timeless, and their trend-defying glimmer makes them ideal for representing lasting love. The 14K white gold 1.30 Carat Diamond Bridal Wedding Set showcases the lasting beauty of these stones by pairing an engagement ring and a wedding band that are rich with classic glamour. A round diamond, over a half carat in weight, rises regally from the engagement ring, while channel-set diamonds add extra sparkle to the 3mm-wide band that holds them. The slightly narrower but perfectly coordinating wedding ring is also studded with channel-set diamonds, and both pieces are accented with perpetually elegant milgrain edges. This is a style to enjoy for a lifetime and pass on to future generations.

1 Carat Diamond Bridal Wedding SetIf you’d prefer a pair with more of a modern personality, don’t miss the 1 Carat Diamond Bridal Wedding Set in 14K white gold. The engagement ring in this set touches on tradition as a half-carat round diamond serves as the centerpiece, but the bands of both pieces have unmistakable contemporary appeal as strands of diamonds appear to intertwine around the wearer’s finger in a sophisticated swirl of sparkle.

For a picture of your lasting connection, you can’t beat one of these pairs. Diamond bridal ring sets like these are dazzling ways to represent constant, brilliant love.

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