Diamond Heart Pendants to Celebrate Two Hearts Beating as One 

7 Stone Diamond Heart Ring, Earrings, and Pendant Collection in 14K White GoldWhen you love someone, you always carry a piece of them with you. They consume your thoughts and color your view of all around you, because your hearts are connected, beating as one. In his poem “i carry your heart with me,” E. E. Cummings wrote:

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in

my heart) i am never without it (anywhere

i go you go, my dear; and whatever is done

by only me is your doing, my darling)

Cummings perfectly captured the connection that holds two people together no matter how far apart they are. In the last line, he calls it “the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart,” and this wonder is gorgeously captured in by the sparkling beauty of diamond heart pendants.

Double Heart Pendant, 14K Yellow GoldHeart pendants are timeless ways to say “I love you,” and when they’re accented with dazzling diamonds, their message is magnified. On Valentine’s Day—or any day—these pieces are gorgeous ways to tell that special someone that you always carry a piece of their heart with you.

The Double Heart Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold is a striking way to celebrate that your heart is inextricably connected with the heart of that special someone. This dazzling pendant uses an illusion setting to multiply sparkle, making it appear that it contains a wealth of stones, and allowing it to serve as a dazzling reminder of your love. A diamond-covered heart interlocks with a smaller, highly-polished 14K gold heart, providing a beautiful picture of the connection you share.

14K Two-Tone Gold Diamond Heart PendantLove involves embracing your differences and the ways that the things that make each of you unique can work together to allow you to complement one another. The 14K Two-Tone Gold Diamond Heart Pendant is a striking picture of the way that two different elements can work in harmony to create a unified object of beauty. A diamond-accented 14K white gold heart is hugged by half of a gleaming 14K yellow gold heart to create the perfect pairing of warm and cool, sparkle and shine. These two elements curve in unison, creating a look that emulates grace.

7 Stone Diamond Heart Pendant in 14K White GoldThe 7 Stone Diamond Heart Pendant in 14K White Gold provides yet another graceful symbol of two hearts beating as one. This lighthearted contemporary piece accents an asymmetrical, curling outline of a heart with 0.12 carats of diamonds. While this pendant is petite at a half-inch high, its combination of sparkling stones and shining 14K white gold is sure to communicate your love. An 18” 14K white gold chain is included, making this piece perfect for giving the instant you receive it. And, if you prefer, this pretty pendant is also available as part of a four-piece jewelry set that includes a matching ring and pair of earrings.

Heart jewelry such as these diamond heart pendants are surefire ways to express your love on Valentine’s Day or any day. Try one of these sparkling, meaningful pieces to tell that special someone that you always carry a piece of their heart with you.

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