Birthstone Spotlight: Peridot 

Peridot Gemstone Solitaire Ring in 14K White GoldIt’s hard to image a more perfect gemstone for the month of August than the peridot. Its vivid green hue seems to capture the essence of a late summer day when the grass is lush and the sun is warm. Peridot jewelry adds a burst of summer to your look all year round, making it an excellent pick no matter when your birthday falls.

Peridot is the gemological name for the mineral olivine, and this stone is unique in that it’s one of just a few gems that’s found in just one color: a vivid green with just a hint of gold. This bright hue is bursting with life, and it instantly catches the eye. In chemical terms, peridot is magnesium iron silicate, and the intensity of this color depends on the amount of iron that a particular peridot contains.

Vintage Filigree Peridot Ring in 14K White GoldApples of Gold’s collection of peridot rings spans the style spectrum with looks ranging from traditional to vintage to modern and daring. The Peridot Gemstone Solitaire Ring in 14K White Gold showcases the lively beauty of the peridot in simple but undeniably beautiful fashion. The green glitter of this dazzling gem is offset by a band of smooth, shining 14K white gold as a single peridot is held in timeless fashion by a four-prong setting. With your choice of three stone sizes—6mm (1 carat), 7mm (1.50 carats) or 8mm (2.30 carats)—this unfussy but striking style allows you to decide just how much green glimmer you want to add to your look.

Three Stone Peridot and Diamond RingPeridot isn’t just the August birthstone; it’s also the national gemstone of the nation of Egypt and it has a long history in that land. The ancient Egyptians called the peridot the gem of the sun, and were mining it over three thousand years ago. Pieces of jewelry containing this gem have been found that date back to the 2nd millennium B.C., giving testament to this gemstone’s long history of catching eyes and imaginations. It’s said the Cleopatra was a fan of this lively stone, and many jewelry historians believe that the emeralds that she was famous for wearing weren’t emeralds at all, but peridots instead.

The Romans also recognized the peridot’s unique beauty, and gave it another nickname: “the emerald of the evening.” This moniker described this gem’s ability to retain is bright green sparkle in any lighting condition, even under the dim artificial lights that were used after dusk.

Pave Diamond Criss-Cross Peridot Halo RingThe vibrant look of peridot allows it to add a fresh pop of color to styles inspired by the past, making looks from the Victorian Era and the Art Deco Peridot seem up to the minute and perfect for the present. For instance, the Vintage Filigree Peridot Ring in 14K White Gold is adorned with a 6mm round peridot, framing this stone with an octagon of a white gold and placing it on band with a time-honored setting. With its delicate yet substantial filigree-like design, this piece has an architectural feel that calls to mind the strong styles of the 1920s.

The vivid hue of peridot becomes even more striking when it’s paired with the colorless glitter of diamonds, and Apples of Gold carries several peridot and diamond rings that showcase this eye-catching combination. The Three Stone Peridot and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold pairs these two gemstones in unfussy, timeless fashion. A 0.40 carat princess-cut peridot is flanked by two smaller round diamonds (a total of a quarter carat), for a look that’s simple, sweet and sophisticated.

1 Carat Art Deco Peridot Engagement Ring, 14K White GoldIf you’d prefer a more eye-catching peridot and diamond combo, don’t miss the Pave Diamond Criss-Cross Peridot Halo Ring. This modern take on the classic halo ring places an 8mm round peridot front and center and surrounds it with a frame of small round diamonds. However, this is far from the end of this ring’s dazzle: this green gem and its sparkling halo are set on two slender criss-crossing 14K white gold bands, both of which are studded with additional diamonds for a total of 57 colorless glittering gems.

In addition to their ability to serve as eye-catching fashion statements, peridot rings are also intriguing picks for engagement rings. Although they’re not exactly traditional choices when popping the question, their life-filled sparkle makes them more than fitting ways to declare that your love fills you with life.

Three Stone Peridot Ring, 14K Yellow GoldThe 1 Carat Art Deco Peridot Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold takes the setting of one of Apples of Gold’s most popular diamond rings and replaces the traditional engagement ring stone with a 6mm round peridot, allowing this style to overflow with life. This brilliant gem emerges from the center of gleaming petals of 14K white gold, serving as the center of an ever-blooming lotus flower. This perpetual blossom is held by a band that’s been meticulously carved with leaves and swirls that perfectly complement the botanically-inspired theme of this Art Deco ring. This lovely vintage style is also available with a matching wedding band in the 1 Carat Peridot Art Deco Bridal Ring Set in 14K White Gold.

1 Carat Three Stone Peridot Necklace, 14K White Gold

Although peridot is most commonly set in white gold in the present day, many cultures of times past set it in yellow gold, creating a striking combination that still turns heads today. Although peridot technically has a cool color, the hint of golden sparkle that it possesses allows it be perfectly complemented by the warm glow of yellow gold, resulting in styles that seem to embody the glow of a late summer day.

The Three Stone Peridot Ring in 14K Gold is a classically-style example of the way that peridot and yellow gold work together in warm harmony. A trio of round peridots gives this ring a bright burst of green sparkle; a center 4mm gem is hugged between two slightly smaller, 3.5mm peridots, providing a lively twist on the always-classy three-stone ring. Although this ring displays a traditional design, it’s not a style that will fade into the background.

Sterling Silver Heart and Cross Pendant with Peridot Accent

If you’d rather keep the green glimmer of peridot close to heart rather than close at hand, take a look at Apples of Gold’s selection of peridot pendants! For instance, the  1 Carat Three Stone Peridot Necklace in 14K White Gold places three vibrant round peridots around your neck in unfussy yet sophisticated fashion. A 5mm stone and two 4mm side gems are prong set into this vividly-sparkling necklace as they hang from an 18-inch cable chain of 14K white gold.

If you’d rather a peridot pendant that celebrates the vibrancy of your faith, don’t miss the Sterling Silver Heart and Cross Pendant with Peridot Accent. The heart in the center of this gleaming 1 1/16”-high cross is accented with a small round peridot, creating a meaningful symbol of the life that we’ve been offered as a result the Christ’s sacrifice.

Peridot Stud Earrings, 14K White Gold






In addition to serving as the birthstone for the month of August, peridot is also the stone that’s traditionally given on a 16th wedding anniversary. It’s not surprising that the peridot is a traditional anniversary gift—its ability to communicate life and growth makes it an excellent way to represent a love that’s remained vibrant as the years have passed.

Peridot Teardrop Earrings in Sterling SilverA pair of peridot earrings would make a lovely gift, whether you’re celebrating a 16th anniversary or simply want to tell someone special that she fills your heart with life. If you’re looking for a pair with simple elegance, don’t miss the peridot Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold. This classic pair features your choice of three sizes of gemstones, allowing you to adorn each ear with a 6mm, 7mm or 8mm peridot, held in a secure basket setting.

If you’d rather a pair of peridot earrings with a little movement, don’t miss the Peridot Teardrop Earrings in Sterling Silver! At two inches long and ¾ inch wide, these dangling earrings allow the gleaming outline of a teardrop to hang freely from each ear, showcasing the versatile shine of cool .925 sterling silver. In the center of each of these shining shapes is a 3/16″ x 1/4″ peridot that swings from an airy chain. This pair slips on in a flash, thanks to fishhook-style posts. These are the perfect adornments for ponytail season, and will add a touch of effortless glamour to your look.

Vintage Rose Peridot Ring in .925 Sterling Silver



As a semiprecious gemstone, peridot is a relatively inexpensive pick, especially when compared to another common green gemstone: the emerald. If you’re looking for especially affordable peridot style, try silver peridot jewelry, which pairs this beautiful and wallet-friendly stone with metal that boasts both a cool, versatile shine and a low price. In addition to the silver styles already mentioned, try the Vintage Rose Peridot Ring in .925 Sterling Silver for a Victorian look, or the Mythical Peridot Ring in .925 Sterling Silver for a style that could have been pulled straight out of an epic tale.Mythical Peridot Ring in .925 Sterling Silver

No matter when or how you wear it, peridot jewelry is sure to add a burst of summer to your look! Why not get acquainted with the August birthstone?

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