Celtic Wedding Band Sets: Shared Symbols of Eternity 

Matching Bowen Celtic Wedding Band Set - 14K White GoldCeltic wedding bands are growing in popularity, and if you’re shopping for the perfect wedding rings, chances are that you’ve at least seen some of these classy and meaningful styles. Though the original meaning of the motifs these rings contain is up for debate, many have adopted them as emblems of eternity due to their intertwining, never ending patterns, making them excellent ways to represent endless love. And, when you and the one you love wear a matching Celtic wedding band set, this symbolism is magnified.

The Bowen Celtic Wedding Band Set in 14K White Gold displays a Celtic knot motif with depth and elegance. The7mm-wide rings in this lovely set are adorned with a three-dimensional sculpted knot design, a celebration of the depth and longevity of your love. Framed by smooth gleaming edges, this design seems to dance on the fingers of those who wear it.

Blue Titanium Celtic Wedding Band SetApples of Gold’s collection of Celtic wedding bands includes a number of sleek titanium styles, such as the Blue Titanium Celtic Wedding Band Set. This modern take on a centuries-old knot features a striking infinity-knot design that repeats in seamless fashion around each ring. This hourglass-like design stands out as it’s accented with vibrant blue titanium oxide, giving this pair of bands a modern pop of color.

His and Hers Celtic Wedding Band Set in 14K Two-Tone GoldIf you and the one you love would prefer a two-tone take on Celtic style, try a pair such as the His and Hers Celtic Wedding Band Set in 14K Two-Tone Gold. This eye-catching set includes two of Apples of Gold’s Caedmon Celtic wedding band, an 8.5mm wide version for the groom and a 7mm-wide style for the bride.

Of course, in addition to their ability to represent love without end, Celtic knot motifs are simply lovely to look at! Whether you and your spouse-to-be are drawn to Celtic styles for their symbolism or their style, if you’ll planning on going Celtic, why not get a Celtic wedding band set?

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