Antique Style Sapphire Engagement Rings: Timeless Color and Stunning Design 

Roman Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond RingWhen you’re looking for an engagement ring that communicates that your love is one that’s made to last, it’s hard to beat a vintage style. And, when you pair one of these styles from the past with a classic precious gemstone—as is the case in sapphire engagement rings with antique styles—you end up with a piece that communicates your enduring commitment and affection with trend-defying beauty. Antique style sapphire engagement rings are stunning ways to ask the one you adore to be your partner for a lifetime.

The rich blue sparkle of a sapphire gives any vintage style an instantly sophisticated look, as gorgeously demonstrated by the Roman Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Ring. A 6mm round sapphire glitters from the center of a 14K white gold setting inspired by the 1920s, accenting the clean lines and shapes of this design with deep indigo glimmer. It’s one of several antique style sapphire engagement rings that’s inspired by the Art Deco Peridot.

Vintage Style Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

If you’d rather a vintage sapphire look with even more dazzle, don’t miss the Vintage Style Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring! This glamorous style surrounds a 5mm round sapphire with 64 diamonds (over a third carat in all) that form a dazzling pattern of lines and swirls. Delicate beaded edges offset this bevy of gems, giving the perfect finishing touch to a head-turning style.

Antique-Style Sapphire Wedding Ring SetIf you’re considering a matching engagement ring and wedding band for the women you love, consider the Antique-Style Sapphire Wedding Ring Set. This Victorian-inspired set places a 4.5mm round sapphire in the center of an engagement ring with a meticulously-crafted swirl and openwork motif and pairs it with a perfectly coordinating wedding band.

Antique style sapphire engagement rings convey a message of lasting love, both with their perpetually sophisticated gemstone and their time-tested designs. Consider one for a double declaration that your relationship is for a lifetime.

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