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Peridot Silver Jewelry

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The fresh lime green of the gemstone peridot speaks of renewal. It is named in the Bible as a jewel of great price, its value compared with that of wisdom in the Book of Job: “Precious peridot from Ethiopia cannot be exchanged for it.
It is worth more than the purest gold.” Not diamonds, which are the contemporary standard for lavish gemstones, but the vivid peridot is referenced as the accepted benchmark for remarkable preciousness in the holiest of all books. Such an exalted pedigree as that elevates silver peridot jewelry from the realm of the mere accessory to the sublime. Read more.

Spring is the time of rebirth, the season we celebrate our Lord’s resurrection. What better Easter remembrance for a loved one than a cross pendant set with peridot? Perhaps a ring or pair of earrings for a spring birthday that falls in the month of Easter would honor the recipient with a stone so precious as to be named in the Bible itself. Silver peridot jewelry carries that special meaning and would be an extraordinary present when accompanied by a thoughtful, handwritten note expressing how the birthday girl embodies the virtue of wisdom which is even more treasured than the prized gem.

Peridot’s striking green hue makes a vibrant alternative to diamonds in a setting traditionally reserved for the latter. Think of the excitement your style will cause when you sport a silver tennis bracelet set with vivacious green peridot for an unexpected and youthful ornament! The wink of fresh green in a ring is refreshing and modern. Silver peridot jewelry is a natural favorite, pretty and bright. It is also at home as an accent stone mixed with gems of other hues….amethyst in particular makes a lovely complement to the coolness of peridot.

Silver peridot jewelry is an appropriate gift even for the very young. One would never, for example, give an eleven or twelve year old girl a ring of somber sapphire or emerald, but the lightness of lime green peridot has a pleasing, carefree aesthetic. When paired with the whiteness of a silver setting, peridot seems buoyant, joyous as an untroubled spirit. Peridot stud earrings are as balanced and wearable as diamonds with any ensemble but they add a splash of color, a shine that reminds the admirer of a fresh spring morning, of trees budding and leaves unfurling in the warm sunshine. Silver peridot jewelry embodies the spirit of spring and renewal, rendering it a fitting tribute to the virtuous woman in your life.

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