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Peridot Silver Rings

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Peridot is also known as the evening emerald, a romantic appellation for a distinctive jewel. The evening makes us think of dusk, of returning to home and hearth after a long day’s toil, of the comfort of family….an “evening emerald,” a fanciful person might presume, would be a less formal, more contented gemstone than the more decorous, conventional emerald with its sober dark hue. Whimsical and light, peridot is the perfect center stone for a ring. Whether set in a heavier, Celtic setting or a simple, modern band, peridot has that unique balance of light and clarity to capture the imagination. Silver peridot rings come in a variety of settings and styles, from the minimalist to the dramatic. Read more.

Silver peridot rings express the individual rather than fitting in with the commonplace diamonds, the usual settings. There is nothing boring or conventional about a peridot ring, designed to attract attention with its vibrancy. Encircle your beloved’s hand in a narrow loop of silver set with lustrous verdant peridot gems. Take her dancing for your anniversary or spread a picnic on a grassy hill and as the sun sets, slip the evening emerald on her finger for a truly romantic gesture as dusk falls.

Since peridot is an abundant gemstone, rings designed around this jewel are available in a variety of sizes from the modest and feminine to the statement cocktail ring in an emerald cut for maximum flash. Plentiful peridot is not restricted by the price constraints that keep your diamond choices so restrained—its value is in its bright beauty, not the business construct of rarity translating to extreme expense. Enjoy the aesthetics of possibility and let your imagination run wild…a silver peridot ring can be a neon lime heart or a paler spot of green in a vintage setting. Their loveliness and variety are limited only by your dreams.

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