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Peridot Silver Pendants


Reminiscent of the legendary green flash said to appear over the waters near Australia at sunset, peridot captures a fiery green light and refracts it strikingly. As a statement piece, this gem is perfect for a pendant like a glossy lime candy on a chain. Its youthful and bold, perfect to wear with a simple dress to a club or on a first date. Like the twist of lime garnishing the rim of an elegant crystal glass, the silver peridot pendant dresses up the most ordinary clothing, like a diamond with a kick. Read more.

While pearls or diamonds call to mind a stately waltz, peridot is for the lady whos more at home salsa dancing or learning the two-step. The swing of a silver peridot pendant at her collarbone as she negotiates the dance floor gives a special sparkle to her musicality. Whether its a solitaire set with prongs, a delicate and feminine cross or a vintage style setting, a pendant of verdant peridot is extraordinary.

Peridot is exceptionally ideal for a cross pendant because the green gemstone is compared in value against the priceless virtue of wisdom in the Book of Job in the Holy Bible. If your beloved is a sage beauty, as wise and thoughtful as she is lovely, remind her that she is cherished above finest peridot with a cross to symbolize her faith set with the jewel that is a tribute to her poise and astuteness. A silver peridot pendant makes a beauteous accent in any shape or setting. Peridot makes a timeless fashion statement and looks undeniably stunning with a black dress, or as an unexpected flash of grace when paired with a denim jacket. The lady of your heart will approve of any silver peridot pendant you select to honor her loveliness and wisdom.

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