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Peridot Silver Earrings


August, that sweltering, sunny month at the height of summer, has for its traditional birthstone the brash green peridot. Bold and playful with its lime green hue, peridot is a perfect fit for earrings. Equally at home as a no-nonsense stud with a noticeably artistic color choice or accenting an intricate Victorian or Deco dangle, peridot set in silver is a dazzling combination. Silver peridot earrings bring a splash of color and personality to everyday work-wear or a special sparkle for a night on the town. Read more.

Any August birthday girl will be ecstatic to receive peridot earrings, as would any budding Egyptologists or history buffs. Peridot has been highly prized since the Biblical era and was especially revered in Egypt, which was a source of that stone in ancient times. Historians now believe that the storied emeralds of Cleopatra were actually deeply hued peridot mined in Egypt itself. If a jewel is fabulous enough for Cleopatra herself, who would argue for regular emeralds instead? The gemstone takes its name from “peridona,” a Greek word, which means, “to give riches”. Think of silver peridot earrings as a loving endowment with your worldly goods as the sacred wedding vows instruct, only these riches are a lavish tribute, beautiful evidence of true love to the queen of your heart.

Silver peridot earrings are a spicy green statement piece, ready to go dancing. Prized by the ancient Egyptians and loved even today for its flashy brilliance, peridot is a whimsical, lively jewel. If your sweetheart is sedate and formal, stick with pearls, because the green wink of peridot is far from the ordinary. However, if she loves the gorgeous green of summer’s sizzle, silver peridot earrings will fit her personality flawlessly, whether she claims an August birthday or not.

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