Non-Traditional Precious Metals & Designs for Wedding Bands 

titanium hammered wedding band ringYour love is anything but ordinary—why settle for a wedding band that’s run of the mill? Non-traditional wedding rings offer a wide array of ways to express the unique love you share through metals options beyond classic gold, silver and platinum, as well as designs that stand out from the crowd.

Several unique metals are often featured in non-traditional wedding rings. Titanium, a non-traditional metals that’s growing in popularity, is strong enough for aircraft but remarkably lightweight. Apples of Gold’s selection of titanium wedding bands includes:

  • The Titanium Hammered Wedding Band Ring is available in your choice of three finishes. Its pounded surface gives the classic rounded band an appealing update.
  • The Black Titanium Concave Wedding Band Ring features both a unique metal and an out-of-the-ordinary shape. This satin-finish band curves inward from high-polished edges, drawing eyes in with it. The cool, dark color of black titanium oozes class and will last for decades to come. The unique look of black titanium isn’t a finish or coating—it’s a part of the metal itself, which means it will never wear away.

cobalt maltese black diamond wedding band ringCobalt is another metal found in some non-traditional wedding rings. Like titanium, it’s also very strong. In addition, it’s scratch-resistant, shatter-proof and can be polished to an extraordinarily high shine.

  • The Cobalt Maltese Black Diamond Cross Ring features both a unique metal and unique stones: black diamonds. Six of these gems accent the center of six carved Maltese crosses. The antiqued finish of this band is both aged and up to date.
  • The Plain High-Polished Cobalt Wedding Band showcases the supreme luster of cobalt. The mirror-like shine of this ring is a stunning addition to a traditional design.

two-halves one flesh wedding band ringOther non-traditional wedding rings combine classic metals with up-to-the-minute designs, giving new life to silver and gold. For example:

  • The Two-Halves One Flesh Wedding Band Ring combines two traditional metals—white gold and yellow gold—to form a graceful symbol of the unity between a husband and wife. The two colors curve together in union, creating a modern look that’s full of meaning.
  • The Silver Carved Paisley Wedding Band is a prime example of fine artistry and innovative design. Curving carved motifs curl gracefully around this ring, bordered by both beaded and high-polished edges.

From the sleek, modern look of black titanium to the stunning luster of cobalt to the designs that infuse traditional metals with new life, non-traditional wedding rings allow you to express your unique love. Their one-of-a-kind looks are a refreshing way to show that your relationship is like no other.

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