Black Wedding Bands for a Better than Basic Look 

Black wedding bands are decidedly modern and yet they exhibit a timeless sense of impeccable good taste and a promise to endure as the fads fade in and out. They’re a little out of the ordinary, but always appropriate. Apples of Gold’s collection of black titanium wedding rings and carbon wedding bands provide looks ranging from sleek and minimalistic to Celtic, providing solid picks in contemporary wedding jewelry.

Black Titanium Celtic Wedding BandThe appeal of black titanium wedding bands runs far deeper than their outward appearance. These rings are crafted from a modern performance metal, one that’s both stronger and lighter than steel, making it a fitting way to represent the fortitude of your love. These rings are also highly resistant to tarnish, as well as naturally hypoallergenic—they’re cool, lasting, low-maintenance pieces that can be worn by anyone, even those with sensitive skin. And, in addition to these standout properties, these titanium wedding bands are remarkably affordable, making them accessible for brides and grooms on a budget.

Celtic knots are given an extra dose of contrast and class when they’re interpreted in black titanium. For instance, the infinity knot motif of the Black Titanium Celtic Wedding Band stands out against a backdrop of sleek, gray titanium. This design is repeated in a never-ending ring of black inlay, creating a continual picture of love that never runs out. This modern ring with a centuries-old knot is available in your choice of widths, allowing you to select one that’s perfectly proportioned to your hand.

If you’d prefer a more minimalistic design, try one of Apple of Gold’s simple wedding bands that are given a unique twist with black titanium. Like all plain wedding bands, these styles are incredibly versatile and timelessly classy.

Black Titanium Concave Wedding Band RingFor a simple look that veers from tradition while maintaining an unfussy appeal, try a classic style with a dark-colored twist. For instance, the Black Titanium Concave Wedding Band Ring subtly turns the curve of a traditional plain wedding band inside out, creating a look that’s unique but that doesn’t demand attention. Rather, it slowly draws the eye through its innovative shape and combination of textures. Rounded, polish edges give this ring a touch of ebony shine, while the rest of the band gives off an understated, brushed sheen that highlights the band’s inward curve.

Cobalt Maltese Black Diamond Cross RingLike their titanium counterparts, cobalt wedding bands are also strong, affordable choices. The metal from which they’re crafted is shatter-proof, scratch-resistant and can be polished to stunning luster. Black cobalt rings also offer style that’s cool and current. For instance, the Cobalt Maltese Black Diamond Cross Ring wraps an antiqued wide cobalt band in a series of six Maltese crosses, symbols of protection. Each cross contains an extra dose of black: a round black diamond accents the center of every one. This band’s burnished finish gives it an aged, rugged look that’s also contemporary.

Black wedding bands are far better than basic. Their strength, versatility and perpetually cool, dark good looks make them standout styles for modern brides and grooms

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