Ruby Rings with Fiery Beauty 

Thousands of years ago, King Solomon wrote, “For wisdom is better than rubies, And all the things one may desire cannot be compared with her.” (Proverbs 8:11) Why did the wisest man who ever lived choose to use a ruby to demonstrate the matchless worth of wisdom? He recognized it as a gemstone of great value and beauty. Ruby rings exhibit the incomparable color and sparkle that Solomon saw so long ago.

Insignia Ruby Cross Ring in 14K White GoldThe ruby is one of the four classic precious gemstones, and it’s long been loved for its saturated red color that seems to glow from within. What better time than winter to wear this warm crimson stone? This gem adds a rich sophistication to rings that span the style spectrum, from vintage to modern. No matter what sort of ring holds it, the ruby is next to impossible to ignore.

The vibrancy of the ruby allows it to add a bold touch to rings that contain symbols of faith, demonstrating that you’re not ashamed of what you believe. For instance, the Insignia Ruby Cross Ring in 14K White Gold features a 6mm-high oval faceted ruby in the middle of an antique-style insignia cross, creating a look that stands out in a crowd, both for its good looks and for the meaning behind it.3 Stone Ruby and Diamond Channel Stone Ring

The contrast found in ruby and diamond rings is particularly striking as the rich, fiery hue of the ruby plays against the light, dazzling sparkle of its colorless partner. The 3 Stone Ruby and Diamond Channel Stone Ring gorgeously demonstrates this contrast as three oval-shaped rubies—one 6mm high and two side stones—are gracefully accented by six round, channel-set diamonds. A simple, gleaming 14K yellow gold band adds extra warmth to this modern classic style.

1 Carat Ruby Art Deco Bridal Ring Set, 14K White GoldThe rich crimson of the ruby is the hue that’s most often associated with love and ruby engagement rings are unique ways to demonstrate a love that’s set your heart afire. The 1 Carat Ruby Art Deco Bridal Ring Set in 14K White Gold is a prime example. This engagement ring and wedding band set uses a 1920s design to express a bond that never grows old. The round ruby that serves as the star of the engagement ring sparkles from within the petals of a shining white gold flower, while leaf and paisley motifs accent both bands. This stone’s vibrant glimmer gives a style that’s nearly a century old a fresh burst of life. While this set’s coordinating beauty is truly stunning, you can also purchase the engagement ring alone as the 1 Carat Art Deco Ruby Ring and pair it with the wedding band of your choice.

In addition to their stunning color and warm sparkle, rubies are also quite hard, allowing them to resist wear and tear. Because of this, any of these rings would be perfectly suited to pass on to future generations and to become a cherished heirloom. Let one of these ruby rings add warmth to your winter—this year and for many years to come.


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