Choosing Wedding Bands: A Sweeping Guide of Ring Styles 

Marriage is both a joyous and celebratory occasion. However, the preparation for the “big day” can quickly become stressful and daunting. Choosing wedding bands should not add to your stress. Instead, finding the perfect wedding band should be one of the joys and highlights of your newly married life. Selecting the ideal ring is a process that involves recognizing the various styles and designs available to you. Our comprehensive guide was designed to inform couples about the often-overlooked aspects of wedding bands choices. Do you wish for a more antique or vintage style ring? Are Christian symbols and other spiritual motifs an important feature for you? Are you concerned about wearing the ring on a daily basis and which styles would be most comfortable? These and many more questions can be answered in the following passages. Keep in mind that each and every wedding band choice can be fine-tuned to suit your personal and aesthetic needs. In the end, you will be wearing this wedding band for the rest of your life. It is important to choose one that most suitably honors and commemorates the deep love and bond you have with your spouse.

Braided Wedding Bands

braided wedding bands

Like lustrous locks of woven hair, or sturdy ropes that hoist wayward ships into place, the symbolism surrounding braids convey strength of unity and perseverance. Our braided wedding bands seek to capture the essential power of love’s bond as two people interweave their lives together forever. As carefully crafted gold, silver platinum and titanium strands blend seamlessly in one piece, a beautifully braid emerges that says to the world, “We are one.” Unlike bands that offer few distinctive features, these gleaming, woven wedding bands showcase a variety of carefully crafted details that will ensure that they are both memorable and stylish.

Instead of choosing between white gold, yellow gold, platinum, silver or titanium, with our braided wedding bands you are free to select a combination of these alloys. For example, if you prefer the warm hue of pinkish rose gold coupled with the glossy finish of white gold, you can chose to have the two braided together. Not only are woven wedding bands aesthetically appealing on the basis of the braid alone, but tiny milgrain beading, subtle scrollwork and a variety of intricate patterns and details can accompany your choice of weaving. In certain examples, the precise beading is found inside the braid adding a touch of distinction to the piece. Our wide array of choices will ensure that you find a ring that suits your specific needs.

But there are still other features to be discussed. One of the greatest benefits about braided wedding bands is the fact that they can be sold as a unisex set. This means that whenever you wear your band you are reminded that the one you love is wearing precisely the same ring as a mirror image on his or her own hand! Furthermore, the sleek comfort fit of these rings ensures maximum coziness and ease of wear and will never feel too fussy or uncomfortable to wear on a daily basis. One braided wedding band in particular, the “14k Tri-Color Gold Braided Wedding Band” exemplifies several key features of this ring category. The stunning combination of 14k rose gold, white gold and yellow gold creates a unique and balanced mixture of color that wends gracefully around the finger. An additional twisted band of gold borders the top and bottom of the braid, adding a touch of elegance to the overall piece. The definitive high-polish of this braided wedding band gives it an appealing luster and shine that gleams when worn.
In the end, all each and every one of our woven wedding bands demonstrates certain strength in their weaving. The closeness of the braid, as well as the lasting symbolism of what braids signify, make these wedding bands an ideal choice for love that is meant to last forever.

Celtic Wedding Bands

celtic wedding rings

Some of the most ancient and beloved symbols for jewelry stem from Gaelic origins. Inspired by the lush and fertile grassy knolls, rolling hills and breathtaking rocky crags that overlook this northern sector of the Atlantic Ocean, Celtic designs encapsulate the strength and beauty of the region. The Celtic nations of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall and the Isle of Man each have their own rich history and stories of love that are symbolically woven in Gaelic knots. One of the most beloved patterns for Celtic wedding bands is the trinity knot. The triquetra or trinity knot, symbolizes for Christians the unity between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It also represents the bond between past, present and future and when placed on a Celtic wedding band, imparts this sense of unity.

Gaelic spiral knots are also common in Celtic wedding bands. The intricate weave of patterns that form an infinity ring around the band symbolize strength, love and persistence through adversity. Yet perhaps one of the more famous and beloved Irish symbols is the Claddagh. Featuring two clasped hands over a heart with a crown, the Claddagh symbolizes trust, faith and everlasting love between two people. Traditionally, if your heart belongs to someone else, you wear the ring with the heart tip pointing inward toward you. Typically, during the engagement period, the tip is pointed away from the wearer until the wedding day.

Our Celtic wedding bands are resilient, well polished and designed for everyday wear. The sweeping knotted patterns disguise nicks and small scratches if you work with your hands often and are smoothed on the inside for maximum comfort. Celtic wedding bands are an ideal choice for those who want their ring to signify deep cultural and spiritual significance. Unlike plain bands that demonstrate a more utilitarian and universal look, Celtic wedding bands encapsulate the ancient spirit of Gaelic love and the bond between kindred people. Furthermore, the design of these bands can be worn by either sex and you can mix and match different Celtic symbols that appeal to you.
One of the more popular choices of our Gaelic wedding bands is our Blue Titanium Celtic Wedding Band. Crafted out of lustrous, high-strength titanium, this ring features an electric blue engraving that sweeps infinitely around the band. As the engraving is set into the band, the integrity of the color will not be compromised. Titanium is known for its resilience and lighter weight as paired against competing metals. This would be the perfect choice for someone who works with his or her hands on a daily basis.

Ultimately, Celtic wedding bands and their memorable knotted designs represent bonds of love and friendship that are meant to last forever. Whether you are Irish, Scottish, Welsh or otherwise, these Gaelic bands testify to a strength and deepest love that transcends the test of time.

Christian Wedding Bands

Christian wedding band

“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:2-3). This biblical quote, as well as many others that can be engraved and placed on wedding bands, seek to demonstrate the bond between couples and God in marriage. Our Christian wedding bands come in a variety of styles and patterns that demonstrate this deep connection of love. If you choose the symbol of the cross for your Christian wedding band, you will have chosen the ultimate symbol of sacrifice and love. Your marriage will be blessed and grow strong through daily sacrifices, large or small, that will keep you and your loved one close together. The symbol of the dove on Christian wedding bands signifies peace in marriage. Delicately carved doves on wedding bands remind the wearer to always strive toward peace while walking along the path of that God intended for him or her. Symbols such as fish or anchors allude to maritime parables that tested faith and dedication. Married couples are “anchored” in God’s love as they seek to strengthen their love and faith.

These Christian wedding bands come in a variety of styles and metals that can all be engraved to feature biblical quotes that appeal to either one or both of the wearers. Gleaming white, yellow and rose gold shine forth on these bands in their exceptional high-polish. Each ring is smoothed along the inside to ensure maximum comfort. Christian wedding bands differ from other wedding bands because they serve as an open testament of your faith and love. Tiny details such as a row of three diamond stones harken to the Holy Trinity and the bond between man and God. Furthermore, you and your spouse can choose Christian wedding bands that can match or you can select different rings that compliment and balance with one another.

One Christian wedding band in particular exemplifies several outstanding features that testify to the sanctity of God and marriage. The Song of Solomon Cross Wedding Band, with its gleaming white gold finish and delicate and understated carved cross, can be engraved to feature your favorite biblical or meaningful quote. The generous width of the band will stand the test of time as you wear the ring on a daily basis. This Christian wedding band offers subtle aesthetic features that tell of God’s love while simultaneously remaining classic and understated.
In the end, there are few stronger bonds than the one made between two people and God. Choosing Christian wedding bands that symbolize this harmony will help wearers endure hardship, cherish the joyous times and continue on the right path in life. Ultimately, they endorse the notion that “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”- Mark 10:9

Diamond Wedding Bands

diamond paisley wedding band ring

Do you know that diamonds are the hardest substance on earth? This is why they are chosen for wedding bands throughout the world as they symbolize eternal love in their optimum durability! Whether they are set in rich rose gold, warm yellow gold or other alloys, diamonds consistently have that unforgettable scintillation and sparkle that will last forever. Our diamond wedding bands feature these exquisite stones and come in a variety of styles to suit any wearer.

When choosing a diamond band, there are certain characteristics that you must keep in mind. Diamonds can be set into rings in a multitude of ways. Prong settings are most common. Prongs act as small “teeth” that hold the diamond into place while simultaneously allowing light to illuminate the center. Bezel settings offer a smoothed surface as they encircle the diamond to keep it in place. Other settings for our diamond wedding bands include channel set and pave. Channel set features diamond stones set into the band to protect them. Pave set diamonds are set right against one another to give the appearance of a never-ending diamond strand. To compare these different diamond settings, bezel and channel settings are ideal for those who find that they work with their hands often. Prong and pave settings are better for those who are not as likely to be immersing hands in rough materials frequently. When choosing your diamond wedding band, make sure you consider these differences.

One of the most appealing aspects of diamond wedding bands is the way they shine in the light. Not only is the high-polish of the band contributing to the overall sheen of the piece, but also the bright-white diamonds capture brilliant light both during the day and evening as well. Each of our diamond wedding bands has also been smoothed carefully on the inside to ensure maximum comfort. Intricate engravings, sweeping bypass settings, tiny milgrain beading and beautiful scrollwork are only some of the included features in our diamond wedding bands. Typically, when choosing for men and women, a more petite diamond wedding band is optimal for ladies whereas a more robust diamond wedding band is suitable for gentlemen.

When choosing diamond wedding bands, many wearers tend to gravitate toward more classic styles. One diamond wedding band in particular, The Diamond Eternity Band, features many traditional elements. A row of prong-set diamonds cascade around the shank of the band. The outstanding high polish and bright white gold compliment the natural brilliance of the stones. One great benefit of this diamond wedding band is the fact that one small section at the bottom can be resized if necessary in the future without disrupting the integrity of the ring’s design. Ultimately, diamond wedding bands are an ideal choice for those who want a timeless look that is versatile and will never go out of style.

Floral Wedding Bands

floral wedding band rings

Floral patterns on wedding bands have been beloved for centuries! Used extensively in Victorian and Art Nouveau fashions, intricate and sweeping floral patterns add a touch of natural elegance to jewelry. Whether a floral wedding band features a wending vine of flowers, feminine paisley accents, leaves or other forms of nature, each ring is finely crafted to blend elements of marriage with natural beauty.

The ephemeral quality of flowers in bloom symbolizes the brief yet joyous time we have on this earth. The trembling of new leaves in spring and swaying of delicate petals in the wind epitomizes the essence of natural beauty. When these symbols are placed on floral wedding bands they unite the pure and fruitful love of marriage with nature and its inherent goodness. Harkening back to the first paradise of Adam and Eve, floral wedding bands remind us of how we can create our own paradise in nature with our loved one.

Our floral wedding bands come in a variety of different styles and offer many nature-inspired patterns for you to choose from. Warm yellow gold will mimic the rich color of pollen at the center of daisies in a flower band. Two-toned gold or other alloy choices will accentuate the tendrils and curls of vines in these bands. These rings are the perfect choice for those who want their marriage to be symbolized by its connection to nature and beauty. Although many of our floral wedding bands are more effeminate in design, we do offer a selection of men’s rings that have more subtle floral accents and greater, masculine width.

Each nature-inspired wedding ring has been carefully smoothed at the center to provide a perfect comfort fit. The intricate detailing of the floral patterns can also hide any small scratches that may occur from daily wear. You may choose from patterns that range from daisies, paisley, vines, golden harvest and other leaf designs. Either way, you will find the perfect floral wedding band for you. Choosing a nature-inspired ring over other choices sends the message that you respect and wish to be connected with nature as you embark on your new married life.

One band that showcases many of the desired features in floral wedding bands is The Handmade Paisley Wedding Band. Resonant of carefully carved Victorian style patterns, this ring has excellent flower-themed scrollwork that sweeps around the entire band. Delicately etched flowers and curling vines can be seen on this piece in muted white gold. The style of this ring was first made popular over one hundred years ago! Overall, floral wedding bands are an optimal choice for those who want to emphasize the beauty of nature and their personal place within it.

Greek Key Wedding Bands

greek key wedding band ring

Many years ago, elaborate labyrinths were constructed to test the capability of those that willingly, or unwillingly, were placed within them. The Greek key design is a testament to the ever-winding path, or the journey two must take together in life. Beset by challenges and oftentimes unpredictable changes, labyrinthine passages during the course of one’s marriage test and strengthen bonds. Our Greek key wedding bands symbolize the strength and resilience necessary to walk life’s winding paths with the love of your life.

Our Greek key wedding bands offer several aesthetic details that make them both attractive and ideal choices for either men or women. The Greek key design itself follows an infinity “Romanesque” pattern that cuts at sharp right angles around the band. The glossy high-polish of the design guarantees a lustrous finish even after many years of wear. Many of our Greek wedding key examples feature thin, twisted rope edging that sweeps around the ring to add a touch of extra distinction to the piece. You may choose from more closely wound Greek key patterns or one that is altered to expose a smoothed surface on the ring in gold, platinum, titanium or silver. You may also choose more antiquated Greek key designs in the classic white and black contrast. Several of the bands offer a blend of two-toned gold so you can choose to pair rich rose gold with warm yellow gold, gleaming white gold with rose gold or any other combination that suits you.

The smoothed center of our Greek wedding bands ensures that each ring is fit for maximum comfort. Unlike diamond wedding bands or other rings that are difficult to pair in sets because one is more aesthetically feminine or masculine than the other, Greek key wedding bands are unisex and look lovely when paired together. Also, if desired, each ring can be personalized with an engraving up to 225 characters from a variety of selected fonts. Choosing an enduring quote about love, a biblical quote concerning marriage or other sentimental piece of writing will make your Greek key wedding band that much more special in years to come. This is especially the case if you are intending on passing along your ring as an heirloom to children or other relatives.

Choosing a Greek key wedding band over a plainer band ensures that you have a piece that offers a symbol of strength and versatility. The winding nature of the Greek “meandros” artwork signifies the struggle that comes with married life, but also points to the joy we experience in finding our way through the twists and turns of everyday living.

Hammered Wedding Bands


Glistening like the ever-rushing water of a spring brook, the appearance of our hammered wedding bands captures light at every angle! Symbolizing both strength and resilience, these hammered rings testify to the unbreakable bond of marriage. Simple with understated details, these bands have perfected the balance between beauty and utility.

Our hammered wedding bands have a variety of attractive features. To begin, each ring is hand sculpted to display a unique hammered pattern that reflects light with even the slightest movement of the wearer’s finger. Aesthetic designs such as grooved lines, symmetrical twisted ropes, and soft, contoured edges give each piece a hint of subtle distinction. The bands come in warm yellow gold, gleaming white gold, rich rose gold, hefty platinum, sterling silver, ultra-strong titanium or a mix of these alloys. Wearers can choose between flat bands for a less heavy feel, or thicker bands for desirable weight and heft. Some of our hammered wedding bands even feature brilliant bezel set diamonds!

The hammered work on the outside is not the only distinctive feature on these bands. You may also choose to have an engraving etched on the inside of the piece as long as it is within 225 characters including spaces. The engraving will forever sit against the warmth of your finger as the smoothed edges of the inside of the ring provide a perfect, comfortable fit. If you work with your hands frequently, our hammered wedding band is the ideal choice for you! The hammered spaces conceal nicks and scratches better than plain bands without losing their gorgeous high-polish. The rings are very durable and are meant to last a lifetime.

Another great feature about these rings is the fact that many of the selections are unisex. This means that you and your spouse can select matching rings in your respective sizes and know that your hands are the mirror image of the other in the bonds of love. Furthermore, resilient hammered wedding bands are ideal for passing down from father to son, mother to daughter as time passes. If this is the case, choosing an engraving would make this hereditary tradition even more special.

One hammered wedding band in particular that features many of the great benefits in these rings is the “14k Two-tone Gold Hammered Wedding Band.” This piece has the richness of warm yellow gold paired with the lustrous, bright white color of white gold. The more subtle hammered marks have a rustic appeal that gives this band an earthy, natural appearance. The smoothed lines on the inside produce a glossy finish as well as provide an exceptionally comfortable fit. Yet, no matter which hammered wedding band you choose, each one is carefully designed for maximum durability and strength and would be a wonderful compliment to any marriage.

Heart Wedding Bands


As one of the oldest and most significant symbols of love in the world, the heart’s universal nature transcends all borders and differences. Its various shapes, styles, adaptations and interpretations make it both versatile and fitting for a wedding band design. Our heart wedding bands showcase the symbol’s wide variety and meaning in carefully crafted rings designed to appease both male and female wearers.

When you wear a heart-shaped ring, your love is symbolized by compassion, forgiveness and vulnerability. Our heart shaped wedding bands aim to encapsulate these loving traits and forge them into lasting rings of gold, silver, platinum or titanium. Each piece integrates the heart with a variety of other patterns that range from feminine to utilitarian. The feminine examples have delicate scrollwork, floral accents, sweeping curves and softened edges. The heart shapes themselves vary between styles as some are tiny, angular and pointed while others are more free flowing and wide. Also, we offer a unique wedding band that showcases a solitaire fancy cut heart diamond at the center. As diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, nothing can shatter this symbol of eternal love. More masculine choices typically fall within Celtic knot heart bands and wider rings that have subtle heart-shaped accents.

Each piece is carefully crafted to have a smooth, contoured center that ensures maximum ease of wear and comfort. The high-polish finish of each heart wedding band has a lustrous quality that beams when worn. Wearers can choose between combinations of rich rose gold, gleaming white gold, harvest yellow gold and other appealing alloys. When selecting a ring, it is important to consider whether or not a more simplistic, yet durable heart wedding band is a better choice than a more sophisticated, yet carefully detailed band. Plain bands in gold and silver can scratch more easily than bands in durable titanium or platinum, so if you find yourself working with your hands frequently, these choices may be more optimal for you.

One of our favorite heart wedding bands is The Irish Celtic Heart Love Knot Band. This lovely band features a deep, emerald green enameling that sweeps in intricate Gaelic love knots around the width of the ring. The lightweight yet superior durability of titanium makes this piece an ideal choice for everyday wear. Furthermore, the inside of the band can be engraved with up to 225 characters to personalize the piece as your own. Perfect for both men and women, this band’s more subtle yet unique Celtic heart shapes emphasize great compassion yet strength in their infinite, ever-locking pattern. Yet no matter which heart-shaped wedding band you choose, the symbol will always remain a timeless example of love, trust and compassion.

Paisley Wedding Bands


Paisley is a uniquely floral motif that has rich, antiquated origins. The “boteh” or eggplant shaped design that comprises the paisley pattern originates from Persia. Popularized during the 17th Century following vast imports of international goods from England’s East India Trade Company, the paisley pattern was copied extensively in Scottish textile mills during the 18th and 19th Centuries and is now a globally beloved pattern.

Scholars believe that the paisley motif was first derived from a Zoroastrian symbol that sought to unite floral accents with a cypress tree to generate a symbol that celebrates both life and eternity. This is one of the reasons why our paisley wedding bands are an ideal choice for symbolizing marriage. The rich, cultural history of the motif coupled with the deep, spiritual meaning of being united both in life and after death are exceptional reasons to own a paisley wedding band.
Evolved to incorporate both antique and modern components, paisley wedding bands now include diverse details that accentuate the beauty of the original pattern. Augmented sweeping teardrop shapes, rows of grains of wheat, tiny pointed leaves, swirls, careful milgrain beading and other floral patterns placed within the design truly celebrate the originality and versatility of styled paisley wedding bands.

Another feature that benefits wearers is the fact that the intricate designs that sweep eternity-style around the band are ideal for hiding nicks and scratches that may occur during a lifetime of wear. The optimal high polish of our paisley wedding bands guarantee lustrous shine and brilliance. The contoured and smoothed inside edges of the band maximize comfort even for those who are not used to wearing a ring every day.

If you are intending to make your paisley wedding band an heirloom for future generations, do not hesitate to have it engraved with words that speak to your heart. Each paisley wedding band can be engraved on the inside up to 225 unique characters that testify to your bond in marriage. Choose quotes about love, trust, endurance or biblical motifs that will help guide you and give you strength. Years will pass and these precious, chosen words will last for endless time to come.

One paisley wedding band that demonstrates several of the attractive features that these rings have to offer is The Paisley White Gold Wedding Band. This lustrous white gold band gleams in its high polish. Two delicate and beautiful rows of grooved edging border the sweeping paisley pattern. The floral accents and windswept appearance of the design gives the piece an effervescent or lively quality. Yet no matter which paisley wedding band you choose, know that they come with a unique and rich history that seeks to celebrate life and the journey afterwards.

Plain Wedding Bands


Sometimes simplicity is best. The process of choosing a wedding band can be daunting if one is overwhelmed with thousands of options and specific details that detract from the basic purpose of purchasing one. Classic wedding bands do away with ornate patterns, filigree work, gemstones, diamonds and other distractions to focus purely on the symbolism of what the ring represents: a bond between two people in love under the guidance of God.

Traditional wedding rings do, however, vary in the types of metal they can be cast in and the combinations of alloys that are chosen to create them. When choosing your own plain wedding band you should keep these facts in mind. Gold is the most celebrated precious metals on the planet. It comes in a variety of different colors, but the most well known are Yellow, White and Rose. Seldom is jewelry made in pure gold, especially wedding bands. 14k gold is a desirable standard for plain wedding bands as it has both the luminosity and shine of pure 24k gold but is more durable for everyday wear. Platinum, which is one of the rarest elements in the world, never tarnishes or wears away. It has a more noticeable heft than gold so wearing it gives the wearer’s hand a unique and slightly weighted feeling. Silver has the appearance of platinum but is far more affordable. It has a bright white color and soft feel. Titanium is a more modern alloy that is ultra-strong yet very light. Keep in mind that when selecting titanium you will not be able to resize your ring in the future.

Our classic wedding bands come in any one of these alloys or a mix of them! You may choose combinations where white gold is the centerpiece color with rich rose gold or warm yellow gold edging. In some cases, very subtle details like milgrain edging or a tiny twisted rope is added to give a touch of distinction to the piece. It is also important to consider the width you desire when looking at our plain wedding bands. Typically, men wear wedding bands with more substantial width whereas females choose bands with a more feminine and slighter width. However, as these traditional wedding bands do not have the ornate detailing and floral patterns as other bands, they are perfectly unisex! As you wear your ring, your partner could also be wearing the mirrored copy of yours as a testament to your bond as one.

One beautiful example in particular is our 14k White Gold & Rose Gold Wedding Band. This gorgeous, yet simple ring features both brushed white gold and lustrous, coppery rose gold. This contrast in textures allows the inside to be both smoothed and ideal for maximum comfort while wearing, and the brushed white gold conceals any nicks or scratches that may occur over the many years you will wear this ring. No matter which traditional wedding band you select, each one will symbolize pure, uncomplicated love between you and your loved one.

Personalized Wedding Bands


Choosing a wedding band to wear for the rest of your life can be daunting. Oftentimes one can become overwhelmed with patterns, colors, designs and other endless possibilities. Our personalized wedding bands ease some of the stress of having to choose a pre-set design. When given the opportunity to personalize or select aspects of your wedding band you are guaranteed to enjoy your choice for many years to come.

Engraving a wedding band is far more than a small etching on the inside of your chosen piece. Personalized wedding bands have been around for centuries and encapsulate a time in history. Families pass down personalized wedding bands as heirlooms and keepsakes that tell of love’s bond over decades! When choosing your own personalized engraving, think of words of wisdom that will aid you during the course of your married life. One of our more popular chosen quotes from the biblical Song of Songs is one such example: “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” You are free to select quotes or passages, or even words that you have carefully worded yourself, to have engraved on the inside of your ring.

Like all of our other choices, the personalized wedding bands come in a variety of alloys and designs to choose from. In gold, we offer lustrous white gold, warm yellow gold and rich, pink rose gold. Platinum is also a desirable choice as it never tarnishes or wears away with time. Titanium and silver are more affordable choices, with the first, titanium, being ultra-strong yet lightweight, whereas the second, silver, is soft, gleaming and smooth. As you are personalizing your wedding band, look for designs and patterns that appeal to you. Twisted rope edging, variegated hammered centers, tiny milgrain beading and more are subtle details that will bring your treasured piece together. Personalized wedding bands should be designed to accommodate you and we offer countless options for you to choose from.

One option in particular is our Parisian Cross Bible Verse Wedding Band. This personalized wedding band features bold, high polished, white gold Parisian crosses set into a more muted, or brushed, white gold setting. Rich yellow gold pairs beautifully with the cool appearance of the white gold. The smoothed lines and remarkable heft of this piece grants optimal comfort for the wearer. Furthermore, as is typical of our personalized wedding bands, you may choose an engraving up to 225 characters (including spaces) to truly make this piece your own. Regardless of whether or not you choose this unique wedding band or another of a different design, personalizing your wedding ring is one way of capturing the essence of what you have always wished your marriage to be.

Vintage Wedding Bands


For those who appreciate ring designs and patterns that have stood the test of time, our vintage wedding band selection is the right place for you to be! Antiquated floral or paisley patterns, carefully crafted milgrain beading, delicate scrollwork and feminine motifs abound in these rings. Other selections include antique-style diamond settings, retro-inspired bands and other choices. These beautiful wedding bands draw in the eye and capture the essence of a bygone era.

There are several alluring features that qualify our vintage wedding bands as antique-styled. Sweeping floral and vine accents seem to cascade effortlessly around many of these pieces. Delicately carved scrollwork harkens to a time when artisans would hand make each and every piece. Daisies, roses and other flower patterns are resonant of both late Victorian and Art Nouveau styles. The subtle and understated appearance of these patterns on our vintage wedding bands reflects a certain pure and feminine modesty. This was a time when nature was celebrated as the essence of love and life. Married couples chose rings that reflected the beauty of God in nature and a purer way of living.

Other vintage wedding band styles include retro, or 1950s style diamond bands. Popularized by Tiffany & Company during this era, elevated channel-set diamonds in fine, milgrain beading capture light and offer a spectrum of brilliant luminescence across the width of the finger from all angles! Older Victorian style pieces include “cigar band” style vintage wedding bands that have more gothic designs, muted shading and distinct, spaced patterns, and simple, narrow feminine bands that feature a single repeated flower that sweeps eternity-style around the ring.
Each vintage wedding band has a smoothed center that is maximizes comfort for everyday wear. Furthermore, unlike more modern pieces that tend to feature bold designs and patterns, vintage wedding bands are more understated and classic and their beloved motifs have stood the test of time. The more airbrushed, lightly polished finish on these rings will help conceal any nicks or scratches that may occur during the duration of wear as well. One final feature to consider when choosing a vintage wedding band is the fact that any one of them can be engraved to include a quote, bible passage or sentiment of your choice. This will make the ring more personalized and special as a prospective family heirloom that can be passed down in your family for decades to come.

One antique wedding band in particular, our 14k White Gold Paisley Wedding Band, features several elements that are appealing in vintage rings. The floral, paisley accents sweep gently around the ring. Tiny milgrain edging and grooved lines accentuate the center pattern. A desirable high polish makes this piece gleam even in low light settings. Regardless of the vintage wedding band you select, each one resonates with unique times in history that continue to celebrate the sanctified bond of marriage.

We sincerely hope this guide has aided you in your choice of wedding rings. The seemingly limitless amount of ring choices should never overwhelm you. Meditating on what is important to you, both spiritually and stylistically, should not be taken for granted. Speaking to your loved one about what is valuable to you both is also a crucial factor in choosing the ideal wedding band. Remember to consider factors such as width, appearance, symbolism and engravings. It is also important to recognize whether or not you or your spouse is allergic to specific alloys. As 14k gold is often mixed with a combination of other metals such as copper and nickel, recognizing whether or not you have a sensitivity is extremely important. You would not want to select a ring you will not be able to wear! In cases such as this, choices such as platinum are ideal as it is the most hypoallergenic. Ultimately, becoming familiar with your personal needs and desires regarding wedding bands will make your selection process that much simpler. Choosing wedding bands should be a joyous occasion, not a stressful one. In the end, the rings you choose will celebrate your covenant as one, and that is most important.

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