Paisley Wedding Bands for the Bride 

Paisley is pretty—women have recognized the unequivocal aesthetic value of the twisting botanical motif for centuries now. That distinctive curling teardrop shape of paisley became a wildly popular fashion motif in 18th century Britain, when shawls imported from India with that design were all the rage. The smartest aristocrats and most aspirational bourgeois vied for such elite accessories, hard to obtain, dear in price and almost ostentatious in their lavish beauty. These were hand stamped with a carved woodblock onto textiles and had the appeal of exotic artisanal craftsmanship.

This botanical shape is believed by historians to be a variation of the Persian butah, which was a vegetable design. The name paisley itself is rooted in the Scottish textile industry’s locale. The French refer to paisley as being inspired by the palm tree, while some scholars attribute its shape to the mango fruit or a cypress tree, which has a similar curved outline. Colloquially, paisley is nicknamed “Welsh pear” and “Persian pickle” which are both colorful appellations for such an undeniably fancy and romantic design. Paisley has been a popular stylized motif in fashion and jewelry since the East India company first introduced the woodblock textiles to Europe. Curving lines and teardrops converge to create a swirling, lively pattern that speaks of movement, dancing, even the clasping of hands as a bride and groom join hands at the altar. Paisley wedding bands for the bride are uniquely romantic and feminine.

The traditional bride who wants a classic, timeless wedding style will be thrilled with a 14K White Gold Paisley Wedding Band Ring that boasts a formal milgrain border and the subtle modesty of tone-on-tone white gold without the heaviness of antiquing. This band will stand the test of time, both feminine and special. The fairy tale bride, whose romantic dreams tend toward Cinderella and Prince Charming, will prefer the Handmade Paisley Floral Wedding Band, 14K White Gold with its gentle flower motif interwoven with the more formal paisley design. It calls to mind A Midsummer Night’s Dream with its whimsical beauty. The gracious floral engraving, rendered by hand, has the look of an heirloom, like the incredibly pretty ring you wish your great-grandmother had passed down to you. Imagine letting your own sweet granddaughter try it on someday in the future, her tiny starfish hand with the paisley floral wedding band big on her finger as she plays dress ups!

The glossy, glamorous bride who loves to read celebrity magazines and dreams about having the wedding of the year will go crazy over the Paisley Design White Gold Wedding Band Ring. This ring’s shiny platinum-like mirror finish is the epitome of attention-grabbing status jewelry, a wedding band sure to be noticed for its distinctive design hearkening back to the days when a Persian paisley shawl was a symbol of prestige and prosperity. The deep engraving and intricate detail render this paisley wedding band for the bride a true showstopper. Any A-list actress or musician would be the ingénue to watch in such a stunning wedding band as this paisley design

Paisley wedding bands for the bride are both old-fashioned in the origin of the pattern itself and quintessentially contemporary in their expressive individuality. Whether you prefer an heirloom style with a natural motif of flowers integrated, a classical paisley band edged with delicate milgrain or the lush sparkle of a gleaming paisley design band, you’re sure to find the ideal wedding ring for the fashionista who prizes intricate engraving paired with the delicate femininity of paisley.


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