Picking the Perfect Wedding Band for Your Man 

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Paisley Design White Gold Wedding Band Ring

The bride is the center of attention on the wedding day but that doesn’t mean the groom shouldn’t look his best too. After all, he is equally important. As men are not really interested in jewelry, even playing the guessing game is quite challenging. You can get a vague idea of what he might like or dislike when it comes to the wedding band but there is a good chance you will have to decide on intuition more than certainty.

Nonetheless, it is going to be as special to him as it for you so start with that in mind. Maybe he’ll not praise it often and show his love for the band but it will remind him of you every time he glances over it. It will hold a place in its heart that signifies your love to him. So, don’t take it lightly even if you know how to pick the best jewelry. Pleasing your man with a piece of jewelry is harder than winning him for rest of your life. Featured: White Gold Paisley Wedding Band.

14K White Gold Hammered Wedding Band Ring

Now, as you are going to get married, you must be aware of his fashion sense already. His styling preferences, from his hairstyle to his shoes everything indicates his style. Does he like the classic vintage look or trendy punk jackets? Just plain polo t-shirts or maintains a class of his own with everything he puts on?

As men usually don’t wear jewelry, you will have to take hints of his style sense from the way he carries himself. One thing you need to remember is in all cases men don’t prefer embellishing jewels. Pick one which reflects his personality and lifestyle. Keep it simple and he will definitely adore it. Featured: White Gold Hammered Wedding Ring

The final choice is hugely determined by his preference. Is he one of the kinds who will wear the ring every single day? Do you think his work allows him to wear it? Most men engaged in manual labor won’t choose to wear a ring to work it may get damaged. So, this is an easy indicator. If he is working in front of a screen, he won’t mind as it

14K White Gold Wide Braided Wedding Band

doesn’t create any barriers for him. Find something he can keep with himself. When deciding on the jewel for the ring, knowing his preference will help you make the right choice. Make sure you decide thoughtfully, don’t just assume.

If his work won’t allow him to wear the wedding band, you can go with durable gems, such as diamond, sapphire and ruby. The easiest and most convenient way is to match it with yours. The metal type, pattern, and color should be similar to yours and he will wear it every day. It is symbolized as token of equality in love. Featured: Braided Wedding Band

Additionally, if you want to win him over, go for a customized wedding band. It will show him you put in the effort to understand his preferences. He will love you all the more for it!

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