Picking the Perfect Necklace To Suit Your Style 

When it comes to necklaces, you have to realize that not every pendant or necklace you pick will look good on you. A necklace is meant to enhance and flatter your neck in an attractive manner and there are certain things you should keep in mind when you want to shop around to get the perfect one for you. If you are frustrated with your necklaces at home or want to get a new one, remember to keep the following points in mind:

Cross and Heart Diamond Pendant, 14K White Gold

Cross and Heart Diamond Pendant, 14K White Gold

Your Face Shape

Your face shape can influence your choice of necklace. Not every necklace will look good on you but if you are aware of your face shape, you can pick the perfect necklace which can flatter you, such a diamond heart necklace. The following are the most common face shapes:


If you have an oval-shaped face, consider yourself lucky. Every style of necklace flatters your face so you can pick some bold and daring statement pieces too.


Pear-shaped faces have stronger jaw lines. Therefore, you will need to pick necklaces which soften and elongate your jaw. Gemstone pendants and long opera-style necklaces will flatter you the most.


Heart-shaped faces have more choices available and it is not difficult to find popular finds in heart-shaped jewelry.  Layered necklaces, collar necklaces and chunky, large pendants that draw the eye, give your face shape more balance. Thin chains and necklaces will make your face look narrower.

4K Solid Yellow Gold Custom Name Pendant, Ashley Design

14K Solid Yellow Gold Custom Name Pendant, Ashley Design


Square shaped faces benefit more from long chain necklaces which help to elongate your face shape and successfully soften the angular lines of your jaw. Collar length necklaces can also complement your face shape too, such as one of these personalized name pendants from Apples of Gold.


Long chain necklaces and drop pendants can make a round shape face look more elongated and oval shaped. Plunging, collar length and even certain chunky styles can make round features look balanced and flattering.

The Neckline of the Dress

Apart from your face shape, you will have to pay attention to the neckline of your dress. If you pick a necklace which flatters your face shape but clashes with your neckline, it may look unflattering for you.

Amethyst & Diamond Heart Necklace 10K White Gold

Amethyst & Diamond Heart Necklace 10K White Gold

You can easily follow these tips to pick out a necklace which flatters your face type and the neckline of your outfit too:

Scoop Necks, V-Necks, Crew Necks or Boat Necks

These necklines call for simplicity and solitaire pendants or something like a string of colored pearls can look flattering with these necklines.

Strapless or Spaghetti Sleeved

These necklines might tempt you to go for bolder, large pieces but that can be huge no-no. Even if you do pick bold pieces, make sure they are in the style of the classic drop pendants with small chains, chokers or waterfall style necklaces which rest close to the neck. Apples of Gold’s gemstone heart pendants are a nice compliment to any style.

Open Collared Necklines

Chunky pendants with thick chains will flatter this neckline more. Also pick other collar length necklaces which will look great with open collared necklines.


1/2 Carat Blue Diamond Solitaire Pendant

1/2 Carat Blue Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Since turtlenecks hide your neck, you should go for necklaces which lengthen and elongate it more. Long necklaces, such as long strings or pearls, beads or even lariat style necklaces can be perfect when paired with turtlenecks. An always classic choice? Diamond Pendants fit just about any style.

When you have to pick a necklace to go with your outfit, keep in mind that it should also flatter your face type too. Keeping these two things in mind can help you pick the perfect necklace for yourself every time!

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