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The Golden Rules to Wearing Statement Jewelry

It is highly unlikely for you to come across a woman who does not have at least one piece of jewelry on because women rarely ever go out without jewelry on, whether it is a necklace, earrings, bangles, what have you. This is because we females prefer to make a statement with our jewelry. However, trends change throughout the year, with every season that passes, and some girls fail to keep up with these trends. There are plenty of girls who do not even know how they are supposed to carry their jewelry and the kind of jewelry which would complement them.

If you also face such a situation, have you ever wondered why sometimes your jewelry fails to complement you the way you thought it would? Or why your jewelry never makes a statement? That is because you are unaware of the golden rules to wearing statement jewelry. Yes, there are certain rules to wearing jewelry in order to make you look appealing and attractive. The following are three of the golden rules you should follow if you plan to wear jewelry which makes a statement:

1.     Simple & Minimal is the Way to Go

Gold Necklace

Minimalistic pieces of jewelry can really help make a statement as long as you ensure they match your clothes as well. For instance, wearing a bold statement necklace with a simple and neat neckline, such a traditional herringbone necklace, is sure to look much better than a heavy neckline with a bold necklace. Also, bold earrings and bold necklaces are a sure way to overdo things so skip out on those as well. The same goes for bangles and rings. Never wear heavy bangles with large rings. When you keep your accessories simple and trendy, they add to your style statement and serve the purpose of statement jewelry.

2.     What Goes With What

Statement Jewelry

Just because simple and minimalistic is much preferred does not mean you cannot adorn yourself with bold and heavy jewelry. Statement jewelry is more appealing and noticeable when it is bold, full and heavy. One of the most important things you should remember while picking out earrings is they will affect your look greatly, so choose sensibly. Gold Hoop earrings can be very stylish and go with just about most styles. Earrings have a different effect on different face shapes which is why you should always ensure they line your face impressively and highlight the best of your facial features. Similarly, when you are choosing bracelets or necklaces, you will face a lot of variety no matter where you shop. Choose sensibly and you shall succeed in making a mind-blowing statement.

 Gold Plain Bangle Bracelet

Gold Plain Bangle Bracelet

3.     Realize the Power of Your Jewelry

Did you know the correct pieces of jewelry can even create an outfit for you? Well, not really an outfit but they are sure to turn up your overall look no matter how simply dressed you are.

While choosing jewelry, bear in mind the whole purpose behind you buying that specific piece of jewelry is to make a statement. There are certain jewelry items that will help you make a statement no matter what you wear with it, such as pearl necklaces and bangle bracelets, which are the perfect statement jewelry for everyday wear as well as special occasions.

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