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A Working Gal’s Guide to Wearing Jewelry at Work

Every woman needs a jewelry item she can wear on a daily basis. This can even be her go-to item or a tried and true piece, but there definitely has to be a piece of jewelry a woman can wear each day, if she’s so inclined. So, why should working gals be an exception? That’s right, they shouldn’t. There are thousands of workplaces that do not allow women to come dressed and dolled up to work and this causes women to leave the love of their lives behind – their beloved jewelry items.

But there’s rarely a reason to skip out on jewelry completely. There are still ways you can wear your jewelry at work and look simple yet gorgeous every single day. Here is a guide just for the working gals who have to leave their jewelry behind whenever they go to work:

1.     Simple & Classy Should Be Your Statement

bold necklace

Bold Monogram Necklace

Simple jewelry works wonders because it is difficult to notice yet enhances your beauty by a margin, bringing attention to your face or hands like a charm. Choose simple items, but you can even wear just one piece of jewelry – a bold necklace, such as Apples of Gold’s Sterling Silver Monogram Necklace, a simple necklace or traditional style such as a chain necklace, whatever impresses you. This kind of jewelry at work will ensure you look professional and classy at the same time during work hours and you need not worry about getting into trouble with the boss either. Simplicity also mimics professionalism inside the work area so you can make as much use of this fact as possible.

2.     ..Or Just Wear Earrings

Pearl earrings

Pearl earrings

Earrings are a style statement even if you do not pair them up with a necklace or a bracelet. They are still sure to make you stand out among the crowd as long as you choose the correct set of earrings which complement your face. Pearl earrings are the ideal choice for millions of working women across the world. This is because pearl earrings are a statement maker and perfect for keeping things simple, classy, elegant and bunch of other things too. They will literally match any occasion and any environment.

There is absolutely no way you can overdo things with pearl earrings but if you are not a fan, opt for some classy oversized studs as they draw attention to your face uniquely and act as statement jewelry at work as well.

3.     Rings & Bracelets

plain bangle

Plain Bangle Bracelet

If you prefer to limit the jewelry to your hands alone, wearing a simple ring would be the perfect option. However, if you want to adorn your hands with something more, a plain bracelet, such bangles would be more than enough for the workplace. The best thing about wearing jewelry at work, rings to be more precise, is it never fails to kill your boredom and instead acts as a huge mood booster. If all you do is stare at the keyboard all day, you are sure to have an instant mood lift if you choose to adorn your hands with pretty colored rings.

There is also plenty of variety in rings and bracelets as well as necklaces and earrings you can wear to keep things simple, professional, chic and classy within the boundaries of your office.

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