Guide to Pearls: The Many Faces of the June Birthstone 

Natural South Sea Pearl & Diamond Star Pendant, 14K White GoldMany people think of the pearl as a single gemstone, but the truth is that there’s far more to the June birthstone than the white orbs that most often come to mind. Apples of Gold’s collection of pearl jewelry contains pieces that feature a number of different kinds of pearls, each with its own unique beauty.

Pearls fall into two broad categories: natural and cultured. Natural pearls are those that are formed (as the name suggests) naturally by an oyster or other mollusk, while cultured pearls are produced after a small foreign body is implanted by pearl farmers. Regardless of how a pearl begins, it’s produced in the same way, and the result is a thing of true beauty—a beauty that comes in numerous forms. Here’s a guide to several varieties of this unique gemstone.

Freshwater Pearls

As the name suggests, freshwater pearls are those that are cultivated in freshwater rather than saltwater. In addition to classic white pearls, Apples of Gold carries strands of freshwater pearls in a number of colors, including pink and peach, as well as multi-colored pearl necklaces.

8.0-8.5mm Black Akoya Pearl Stud EarringsAkoya Pearls

Akoya pearls are called the “icon” of cultured pearls and are known for their luxurious luster, as well as their consistently round shape. Apples of Gold’s Akoya pearls are made by the Pinctada fucata oyster in the salt waters of Japan. Although these pearls are usually white or cream-colored, they are sometimes black, and Apples of Gold carries a number of pieces that showcase these exquisite gems. For instance, the 8.0-8.5mm Black Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings display a pair of these pearls in simple yet striking fashion.

Black Tahitian and White South Sea Pearls

Whether black or white, the pearls of the South Pacific display classic elegance and striking beauty. Whether in timeless strands or unique pieces such as the Natural South Sea Pearl and Diamond Star Pendant in 14K White Gold, the elegance of these high-end pearls is undeniable.

Golden Pearl & Diamond Eternity RingGolden South Sea Pearls

Golden South Sea pearls are the rarest variety of pearls in the world, and exhibit a warm, unmatched luster. Most of these pearls come from Australia and Indonesia, but Apples of Gold gets theirs from the Philippines, the home of the most richly-colored golden pearls on earth.

When a pearl is this exquisite, only one is needed to make a breathtaking statement, and pearl rings are an excellent way to showcase the beauty of one stunning specimen.  The Golden Pearl & Diamond Eternity Ring gorgeously displays the one-of-a-kind beauty of an 11mm golden pearl, cradled by rings of diamonds set in 14K yellow gold.

Baroque Pearls

The beauty of baroque pearls lies in their irregularity. The term “baroque pearls” is used to refer to any pearls that aren’t symmetrical or regularly-shaped. Thus, baroque pearls come in a number of colors, each with their own natural flair.

9-10mm Tahitian South Sea Multicolor Baroque Pearl BraceletThe 9-10mm Tahitian South Sea Multicolor Baroque Pearl Bracelet is a prime example of the beauty found in the irregularity of baroque pearls. This strand for your wrist includes green, silver, blue and copper pearls that cooperate to form a piece that’s richly-colored and sophisticated, but not the slightest bit stuffy. A finesse clasp in your choice of 14K yellow gold or 14K white gold fastens this piece with elegance.

The saying “you get what you pay for” applies when it comes to pearls: while you can buy a strand of pearls for a relatively low price, these “cheap” pearls lack the luster of high-end varieties like those sold by Apples of Gold. Yes, Apples of Gold’s pieces of pearl jewelry are investments—probably not ones you’ll buy on whim—but’s they’re priced to provide true value as well as stunning beauty. They’re designed to give you what you pay for … and a bit little more.

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