How to Find Jewelry that Compliments Your Wedding Dress 

When it comes to preparing for the wedding of your dreams, the jewelry you choose is almost as important as the dress. Your jewelry pieces need to complement your dress and help it stand out and really wow everyone who has come to see you on your big day. With that goal in mind, here are some simple tips to follow if you want to find jewelry that compliments your wedding dress:

chandelier-earrings-14k-goldDON’T wait ’til the last minute!
It is easy to put things off when it comes to your jewelry- but you need to treat it just like it is part of your dress. Any time you think about your dress or work on plans for your dress, make sure the jewelry is right there with the dress, shoes, and bouquet planning. Whether it is the Three Stone Blue Diamond Ring or another gemstone or 14K white gold ring, there are many options available to you with Apples of Gold. You’ll want to have enough time to try several looks and styles and see what works best with your dress.

DO go bold and classy!
If you are wearing your hair down and you have long hair, make sure to choose big and dangling earrings- otherwise they will get lost in your hair. Form short hair and up-do styles you can go with medium length earrings or studs. Do not be afraid to mix it up and try different combinations to see what looks best with the look and style of your wedding dress attire. Apples of Gold’s Chandelier Earrings in 14K Gold earring set is a great place to start looking!

Pearl and diamond ringDON’T over accessorize!

You want your jewelry selections to compliment your look, not detract from it. In most cases, less is more when it comes to finding jewelry the compliments a wedding look. A small silver chain necklace and pendant with stud earrings work wonderfully together as would several bangles and dangling earrings.  The Double Heart CZ Necklace in Sterling Silver is a prime example of a stunning yet simple accessory for your wedding dress. Make sure you maintain a balance between the statement your jewelry makes and the statement your wedding dress makes.

Silver heart charm
DO accessorize the wedding party!

From the groom to the groomsmen to the bridesmaids make sure the wedding party has their jewelry accessories in line too. Rings, cuff-links, and tie clips as well as bracelets can work for the groom and his men.  Gold Bracelets for Men is a great section of jewelry options that have many great pieces to discover. Bridesmaids can have jewelry accessories similar to the brides with pearl rings being a great option.

DON’T be afraid to change things up!
You can have one distinct look at the wedding ceremony and then have a different look at the reception. Many brides will change into something more relaxing yet still elegant for the celebration after the ceremony. Do not be afraid to change the look of your jewelry accessories to go along with look you are going for, like Heart Pendants.

Your jewelry pieces need to complement your dress and with the amazing selection offered by Apples of Gold, that is made much easier!


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