Choosing Jewelry to Match Your Wedding Colors 

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The tradition of wearing wedding bands is as old as time as is the tradition of adornments such as jewelry. While yellow gold makes up the bulk of wedding jewelry used by brides, there are many other precious metals which a bride can choose from. Finding ones that best compliment the dress, style, and feel of the occasion can be easier when you consider some simple basics:

diamond heart necklace white goldWhite Gold Jewelry

White gold shares many similarities and has many of the same properties as yellow gold. The biggest difference is that it has been combined with other metals which give it the namesake white color. White gold is not a naturally occurring metal and is made from a mix of yellow gold and silver. Since the components of white gold rings, bracelets, and pendants are neutral there usually is little risk of an allergic reaction to white gold jewelry. There are many different types of white gold jewelry offered by Apples of Gold including our Pave Diamond Heart Necklace made from 14 k white gold.

Rose Gold Bracelet Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold is a variety of gold that is colored with a copper alloy. It is becoming more and more popular as brides are searching for alternatives to the more common yellow or white metals. The unique hue of this popular metal can range from a pale pink-rose color to a darker red color- depending on what type and concentration of copper is used in the mix. The more copper there is the darker red the gold will be, as seem with our 6mm 14K Rose Gold Flat Bangle Bracelet.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Silver is a soft, white precious metal that is widely used in all sorts of amazing jewelry pieces from silver earrings to silver bracelets. Silver occurs naturally in its purest form and it is also used as an alloy in many other metal components, including white gold. It is also very popular in fine wedding day pieces such as silver wedding rings because it is allergy free and safe for most people to wear (Featured Left: Silver Monogram Earrings).

Platinum Jewelry

This brilliant white precious metal is among the rarest elements and most platinum is created as a byproduct of nickel and copper ore. The rarity of the metal makes it a very coveted and very attractive metal for many wedding bands, engagement rings, and other fine jewelry. It is not a very common metal for wedding jewelry but it is gaining popularity and many who try it quickly fall in love with this rare and precious metal. Apples of Gold offers many great pieces of fine jewelry such as our platinum rings!

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