Wedding Jewelry Accessories for Men 

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A groom does not have to downplay their own unique style or flare and there is no reason they should miss the opportunity to let his own unique fashion show through on his big day. There is a wide variety of stunning men’s wedding jewelry available to choose from at Apples of Gold and each piece brings a special elegance and class to any look.

Cross cuff linksAside from men’s wedding rings, there are many other contemporary wedding jewelry ideas for men that come in all sizes, styles, and price ranges, so be sure to look around and see what piece will be compliment your look for your wedding day.

Cuff links are a very traditional option for men’s jewelry, but modern styles have become popular and they can be a great way to add a touch of class and elegance to a groom and groomsmen’s look. Novelty cuff links can be very eye-catching and appealing. Apples of Gold offers some attractive cufflink options that can go well with any wedding style or color scheme- like the Budded Cross Black Stainless Steel Cuff Links. The new look and style of cuff links opens the door to plenty of fashion options that can help take that tux to the next level and leave people talking!

Mens dog tag necklaceNecklaces: Many modern day grooms are replacing the traditional tie with a stunning and elegant necklace, such as from Apples of Gold’s stainless steel jewelry collection.  This men’s jewelry option has become very popular with the more casual and less traditional marriage ceremonies. For casual beach or garden weddings consider a leather or braided necklace or stainless steel pendant. If you want a flash of color and class while still looking a little more casual, Apples of Gold has you covered with our Stainless Steel Cross Dog Tag Necklace complete with gemstone accents. Whatever look or style you may be going for, take a look around and see what interesting necklaces for men you can find!

Mens Luxury WatchWatches: Men’s watches are also a great way to accessorize for a wedding, but it is an option most grooms to not think about. Many see the watch as an everyday piece of jewelry or something that is not meant to be part of the wedding attire. However, there are many elegant styles of watches that can make great additions to any groom’s ensemble. When an attractive face is combined with elegant gemstones, such as with the Usher Polanti Watch with 1 Carat of Diamonds, the watch can be so much more than just another timepiece.

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