Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts for Guys 

Stainless Steel Black Round Circle Cuff LinksWhen you think of jewelry at Valentine’s Day, you probably think of a decidedly romantic piece with a look that’ unmistakably feminine. But, ladies aren’t the only ones who would appreciate a gift of jewelry on Valentine’s Day! A lot of guys would also like a piece of jewelry, and the options for gifts stretch far beyond the heart pendants and diamond earrings that are often associated with February 14th. If you’re still in search of something for that special guy in your life this Valentine’s Day, check out our jewelry gift ideas for men to get you started!

Men's Black Tungsten Link BraceletIf your guy would appreciate a gift with simple class, why not get him a pair of cuff links such as the Stainless Steel Black Round Circle Cuff Links? This cool pair provides a look that’s both modern and timeless, and sure to emulate impeccable taste. Crafted from stainless steel and polished to a high shine, these cuff links will take his look up a notch without screaming for attention. Thanks to their circular shape and black IP-plated (also known as ion plated) centers, this pair has a button-like appearance that’s versatile yet still able to stand out from the crowd.

If your guy’s go-to look is more casual, try the Men’s Black Tungsten Link Bracelet, which gives the classic mariner chain (so named because its links resemble anchors) an eye-catching contemporary twist. Like the centers of the cuff links above, the sizeable links that comprise this 9 ½ inch bracelet are IP-plated, giving them a look that’s dark, rugged and stylish. And, the durability of tungsten makes this a piece that will hold up no matter where he wears it.

Black Titanium Celtic Wedding BandRings of many kinds can be thoughtful gifts at Valentine’s Day, and Apples of Gold carries a wide variety of men’s rings for just about any taste. Although it’s technically a wedding ring, the Black Titanium Celtic Wedding Band is an excellent pick for a guy’s right hand, and its modern take on a timeless Celtic knot contains symbolism that’s perfect for the holiday that celebrates love. This cool, shining ring displays a never-ending black infinity knot motif, an hourglass-like pattern renders this ring a fitting symbol of eternity. It’s an excellent way to celebrate love that never ends. And, since it’s crafted from incredibly strong titanium, it’s a lasting symbol.

Sterling Silver Military Dog Tag Pendant with Prayer Inscription for TwoIf you’re in a long-distance relationship, consider the Sterling Silver Military Dog Tag Pendant with Prayer Inscription for Two. This dog tag splits into two parts, one for him to wear and one for you, giving each of you a reminder of your connection and of God’s caring, watchful eye over the two of you while you are apart. When they’re placed together, the two pieces of this pendant display a prayer from Genesis 31:49: “May the Lord keep watch between us to make sure that we keep this covenant when we are out of each other’s sight.” Each half of this dog tag comes with an 18-inch sterling silver chain, so it’s ready to wear.

Valentine’s Day jewelry isn’t just for women! Try one of our jewelry gift ideas for men to show your guy what he means to you this February 14th.

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