Four Ways to Propose on Valentine’s Day 

1 Carat Heart Shaped Diamond RingValentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, and when you propose on this day, every February 14th to come will take on special significance. Here are four Valentine’s Day proposal ideas, as well as a few diamond heart rings that are especially fitting for popping the question this time of year.

Light up your proposal. Candles are romantic any time of year, but at Valentine’s Day a candle seems even more of an embodiment of the warmth of your affection. Why not use a host of these little flames to propose to the one who has set your heart afire? Arrange the candles to say “marry me” or simply place them in the shape of a heart and drop down on one knee.

Few rings are as fitting for a Valentine’s Day proposal as the 1 Carat Heart Shaped Diamond Ring, a simple yet unique style that adds a distinctively romantic twist to the timeless solitaire, replacing the expected round or princess-cut stone with a striking one-carat heart-shaped diamond. This stone will be positively dazzling in the firelight and is sure to call to mind your romantic proposal for years to come.

Diamond Heart 1/3 Carat Engagement Ring, 14K Two-Tone GoldSculpt it in snow. In many places, Valentine’s Day is a snowy day, giving you a natural canvas for a proposal. If the snow is deep enough, try sculpting “Will you marry me?” in three-dimensional letters; if it’s more of a dusting, try writing your message with a stick or using small stones to spell it out against the contrasting backdrop. Then, simply beckon your beloved outdoors or to the window and pull out the ring when she discovers your handiwork. Or combine this idea with the previous one and use candles to light up your question in the snow for a breathtaking night proposal.

A two-tone diamond heart ring is sure to stand out against a snowy backdrop, and the Diamond Heart 1/3 Carat Engagement Ring in 14K Two-Tone Gold is a striking pick. Smooth sculpted hearts of 14K yellow gold wrap around the band of this ring, positively popping against the gleaming 14K white gold edges that seem to hug them and hem them in. Rising above this eye-catching band is a glittering third-carat round diamond, though this style is also available with stones in several other sizes to suit her taste and your budget.

Vintage 1/3 Carat Diamond Ring with Heart Accents in 14K White Gold

Say it with roses. Red roses are nearly synonymous with Valentine’s Day and no matter how often these bouquets of blooms are given, their beauty and romance never gets old. Presenting the ring in tandem with this classic expression of affection is simple yet romantic, and sure to bring to mind fond memories every time you give that special lady another bouquet in the years to come. If you’re giving just a few roses, try slipping a ring onto the stems (remove the thorns first so that she can painlessly remove it); if you’re giving a larger bouquet, try tying the ring to the roses with a satin ribbon. A ring inspired by the past such as the Vintage 1/3 Carat Diamond Ring with Heart Accents in 14K White Gold would be a great pick for this option.

1/2 Carat Engraved Hearts Diamond Engagement RingPresent a sweet surprise. A box of chocolates is expected on February 14th, but a box of chocolates that’s used to propose is far from cliché. Open the box ahead of time and replace one of the chocolates with a stunning diamond ring, or have a custom assortment packed at a candy counter and have the ring included.

The 1/2 Carat Engraved Hearts Diamond Engagement Ring is full of sweet style, from its glittering gem to its romantic, feminine motif. A round diamond rises above a meticulously crafted 14K white gold band that proudly displays a row of carved hearts that point the way toward the sparkling stone. These hearts are framed by beaded edges and complemented by swirls, making this a seriously romantic ring.

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