Diamond Rings with Heart 

04-19-2013 Diamond-Heart-RingHas your heart been stolen? Or, did you give it away? However you choose to look at the way that you give your heart to the one you love, diamond heart rings are the perfect way to celebrate it! Author Frederick Saunders beautifully described the way that two people in love give their hearts to one another without looking back:

My heart to you is given:

Oh, do give yours to me;

We’ll lock them up together,

And throw away the key.

3/4 Carat Heart Shaped Diamond RingTrue love means giving your heart to someone for keeps and heart rings that are adorned with diamonds are stunning pictures of the way that you and the one you love give yourselves to each other. As they sparkle with the most brilliant and resilient of gemstones, they declare that the bond that the two of you share is lasting and beautiful.

The 3/4 Carat Heart Shaped Diamond Ring is a unique twist on the classic solitaire that instantly communicates a message of affection. Instead of a classic round stone or a princess-cut diamond, this single-stone style features a dazzling ¾ carat heart-shaped diamond that rises simply and beautifully from the gleaming 14K white gold band that holds it. This ring is a sweet and feminine declaration of love that’s perfect for popping the question. It’s also available in 14K yellow gold, 14K rose gold and in combination with a matching wedding band, as part of a lovely bridal ring set.Diamond Heart 1 Carat Engagement Ring, 14K Two-Tone Gold

Heart-shaped diamonds aren’t the only way to work the symbol of love into a diamond ring. If you’d rather a piece that works hearts into the band, don’t miss the 1 Carat Diamond Heart Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold. The band of this romantic ring is adorned with smooth, three-dimensional carved hearts that are nestled side by side as if to trying the squeeze the maximum amount of affection into a small space. Clean lines of 14K white gold frame these hearts, while a stunning round 1 carat diamond presides over this style with dazzling glamour.

0.75 Carat Diamond Pave Heart RingIf you’d prefer similar style that contrasts two colors of gold, try the Diamond Heart 1 Carat Engagement Ring in 14K Two-Tone Gold. This striking piece coordinates with any jewelry collection as its yellow gold hearts stand out against a white gold backdrop.

Of course, diamond heart rings aren’t just for popping the question. They can also serve as striking statements of both style and affection, and Apples of Gold carries designs ranging from demure to daring. If your tastes run more to the daring side, consider the 0.75 Carat Diamond Pave Heart Ring! This can’t-miss-it piece is adorned with dozens of small diamonds that encrust a white gold heart, just over a half inch high. With its multi-faceted glitter, this ring creates a picture of the way that the one you love sets your heart on fire.

Diamond rings that utilize hearts leave no question about how you feel about your one special someone. When you use one to pop the question or simply to show your affection, you demonstrate that your heart is spoken for.

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