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Engraveable Heart Pendant in 14K Yellow GoldHeart pendants have long been given as symbols of affection on Valentine’s Day, but history of the heart as an emblem of love began long before the advent of the holiday that’s now celebrated every February 14th. The heart has been used as a symbol since at least the time of the ancient Egyptians, and the ancient Greeks believed that the heart was the center of the soul and served as the body’s source heat.  However, it wasn’t until over a millennia later that it began to be linked with a message of love.

In the Middle Ages, the heart became a prominent Christian symbol in the form of the Sacred Heart, an emblem of Christ’s love that often appeared in works of art. During this time period, the heart also began to show up in medieval heraldry, and was used to represent sincerity and clarity.

Two Heart Diamond Necklace, 14K Two-Tone Gold




By the 18th century, the heart had taken on even greater meaning, as it was increasingly thought of as the center of thought and emotion. A century later, the heart appeared on Valentines, strengthening the connection between this symbol and feelings of romance.

Today, the heart is able to transcend trends and cultures to serve as a symbol of love, and its enduring ability to communicate this makes a piece of heart jewelry the perfect way to tell that special someone that your love is far from a passing fad. And, since hearts come in many styles and personalities, there’s a heart pendant that’s the perfect symbol of your love.

Diamond Heart Journey Necklace in 10K White Gold

Gold heart pendants add a sense of warmth to your declaration of affection, and Apples of Gold’s collection includes a wide range of styles in this timeless metal. The Engraveable Heart Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold would make a lovely gift for any special lady in your life. This simple flat heart, 5/8” high not including the shining bale, can be customized with an inscription of up to 10 characters. Personalize it with the name of the recipient or with a date that’s significant to her. This piece is also available in 14K white gold and rose gold for fans of other metals.

If you’re looking for way to tell the one you love that she lights up your life, it’s hard to beat the dazzle of a diamond. Diamond heart pendants declare that your love has set your heart aglow, while serving as emblems of the endurance and resilience of your affection. No gem is harder than a diamond, and its lasting sparkle creates a gorgeous picture of the fact that your love is here to stay.

Emerald and Diamond Heart Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver

The Two Heart Diamond Necklace in 14K Two-Tone Gold is a celebration not only of the longevity of your love, but also of the beauty of two people who complement one another and are better together than they are apart. A sweeping heart of 14K white gold is studded with channel-set diamonds and hugged on the right by a larger half heart of warm 14K yellow gold; together these shapes serve as symbols of the way that you and your special someone fit together and make one another better.

The Diamond Heart Journey Necklace in 10K White Gold provides a unique twist on a style that represents an ever-growing relationship. This bottom half of this cool, shining heart is accented with a series of round diamonds, 0.30 carats in all, that grow ever larger as they arc upward, creating a sparkling celebration of the progression of your love. Whether you’re looking forward to many years together or are looking for a way to commemorate a lifetime of becoming one, this is a fitting symbol. An 18-inch white gold chain is included, making this pendant ready to present to the one who shares your heart.

Heart-Shaped Amethyst Necklace Set in 14k White Gold

Gemstone heart pendants allow you to use a pop of color to convey a specific message about your love. For example, the Emerald and Diamond Heart Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver could readily serve as a symbol of a love that’s vibrant and growing, thanks to the vivid green sparkle of a 4mm round emerald. Three diamonds accent this right side of the heart that surrounds this glittering green gem, adding extra elegance. Cool, shining sterling silver makes this piece both stylish and affordable.

Or, show the lady in your life that’s she’s your queen with a piece like the Heart-Shaped Amethyst Necklace Set in 14k White Gold. The 6mm heart-shaped amethyst that serves as the focal point of this piece sparkles with the color of royalty, making this necklace the perfect way to tell her that she’s the ruler of your heart. A simple foundation of 14K white gold and the included 18-inch white gold chain serve as fitting complements.

Heart Monogram Pendant, 14K Yellow GoldIf you’d like to give a piece that’s personalized just for that special someone, consider a monogrammed heart pendant like the Heart Monogram Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold. This gleaming piece surrounds three initials of your choice with simple yet striking heart, creating a pendant that’s both stylish and meaningful. Select the initials of the one you love or combine your initials with hers for a piece that celebrates your connection. Either way, this will be a piece that’s treasured—not to mention stylish—for years to come.

No matter what message you want to send this Valentine’s Day, there’s a heart pendant to help you do it! Browse our collection of dozens of styles to find one that’s the perfect fit.

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