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Affordable Prices / 365 Days a Year!

Apples of Gold Jewelry started their business with premise that retail jewelry mark-up is too high! Having seen it ourselves within the industry, when we started our business, we decided to be different and to bring a value-based approach to our customers.

Every now and then we got calls from customers asking us why we don’t have big sales, as they see other jewelers doing large 20-25% sales fairly frequently, whereas our prices pretty much stay steady throughout the year (unless gold prices change). We also do the occasional 10% flash sales or 10% off coupons during various holidays and special occasions, such as on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. So we do actually have about 9 sales per year, on average! But never 20%, not even usually as much as 15%. Why?

The answer is very simple: most jewelry retails have such an exorbitant mark-up, that they inflate their regular prices and do drastic weekly or monthly sales in the 20%+ range to make their customers feel like they are getting a superb deal. But in reality, even with their 20% sales, Apples of Gold prices are often better than these inflated sale prices.

We believe in transparency in our company, our products, our ethics, and our prices. That’s why we don’t inflate our prices only to do “sales”. Our jewelry prices are lower than most year-round and on top of it we often do 10% off + free shipping during most holidays or slower times of the year.

So keep an eye on our favorite jewelry pieces and if you don’t want to wait for the holidays, email us or give us a call and ask us if we have any unadvertised sales going on — we almost always will oblige, just out of courtesy to our customers, because we want to cultivate a loyal customer-base who will look to Apples of Gold Jewelry for all their jewelry needs, before considering anywhere else. So call us, chat with us, ask us questions about our jewelry — we’re here to help!

And don’t fall for the inflated sales! Our prices are affordable, reasonable, and value-based 365 days a year!

About Apples of Gold Jewelry

Apples of Gold Jewelry started their business in 1999, when most big-name name-brand jewelers took the internet seriously. With the idea that jewelry mark-up was exorbitant with 200-300% mark-up in traditional jewelry stores, we decided to take a value-based approach and offer a diverse range of jewelry of fine jewelry items that almost anyone could afford. We vowed to offer the same quality jewelry as traditional name brand jewelers, but without the cost. “Name brand jewelry without the name brand cost” was our official motto and with this vision, we set out to increase our jewelry listings from every category: bracelets, necklaces, rings, wedding bands, engagement rings, Christian jewelry, and beyond. We are now online with approximately 10,000 jewelry pieces and growing! Be sure to browse our online offerings and contact us at any time! Happy shopping!

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