High-End Diamond Halo Engagement Rings 

3/4 carat fashionable diamond halo ringIf you are looking for high-end diamond halo engagement rings that she will truly be impressed with and cherish all the days of her life, Apples of Gold Jewelry has added a new line of high-fashion, high-end diamond engagement rings that will make her gasp for fresh air at just one look!

There are three new diamond rings we’d like to highlight here from our collection, starting from lowest priced to highest, ranging in the $2,000 to $6,000 to $7,500 price range.

The first, our 3/4 carat fashionable diamond halo ring is perfect as either a stand-alone diamond ring, anniversary ring or engagement ring. It is set with a 1/2 carat center diamond and surrounded by 0.24 carats of white halo diamonds for a total of 3/4 carats. If you want to add more “bling”, contact Apples of Gold Jewelry for a 3/4 carat or 1 carat center version, which isn’t currently listed on their website, but is available by request when you email or call. The band is available in 14k or 18k white gold or platinum by request. We can also do yellow gold if you prefer.

1 1/6 carat marquise and baguette diamond halo engagement ringIf you want something very high-end in the 6k price range, check out Apples of Gold Jewelry’s new 1 1/6 Carat Diamond Marquise and Baguette Halo Engagement Ring. This is a stunning ring set with a 1 carat center marquise shaped diamond measuring 10mm x 5mm in size and with 1/6 carat of round and baguette-shaped diamonds flanking the engagement ring in the popular halo design. Available in your choice of 14k white gold, yellow gold, or upgrade to platinum. The diamonds are a high quality G-H Color, SI Clarity and all the rings featured from Apples of Gold are made to order in the U.S.A. (so be sure to give yourself about 5-7 business days for your ring to be made).

By waiting for the 1 week or so it takes to make them, you are assured that you are getting a brand new ring that hasn’t been sitting in a jewelry showcase for years. The ring is made just for you, from Apples of Gold Jewelry, and the diamonds are hand-selected and hand-set by expert gemologists and diamond setters who hand select high-end diamonds to match your ring.

1 1/2 carat pear-shaped diamond halo engagement ringFinally in our top 3 picks for today, is our high-end 1 1/2 carat pear-shaped diamond halo engagement ring. Fancy, pear-shaped diamonds are a real luxury and this ring is set with a full 1 carat pear-shaped center diamond in H Color, SI clarity and set with another 1/2 carat of round and marquise halo diamonds. Notice the 3 marquise diamonds on the top of the ring to give it a luxurious regal look that sets the ring apart from the crowd (available in 14k white gold or 18k, yellow gold or platinum by request).

You can always upgrade the diamond quality by contacting Apples of Gold Jewelry and seeing what they have available in  terms of diamonds.

With a listing of 10,000 jewelry items online, Apples of Gold has not even listed all of their jewelry options online, so if you are unsure or looking for something that isn’t listed, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Can’t afford the 7K price tag for this one? We also have a 3/4 carat pear-shaped diamond halo engagement ring in the same design that is about $2,500 (as of the date of this blog post – prices can change based on the gold and diamond market, if you are reading this years later. But Apples of Gold does price its jewelry on a value-based markup, meaning that we do not have the typical 200-300% mark-up that most retail jewelers have. Everything is marked-up competitively and reasonably with value in mind, without compromising the quality of our jewelry.

Have question? Don’t hesitate to contact us today!





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