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How to Convert 10K, 14K, 18K Gold, Silver & Platinum Gram Weights

How much does the same jewelry weigh in 10k gold vs. 14k vs. 18k, etc.?

Here are some simple calculations to help you convert any metal to metal weights from gold to silver to platinum.

Gold Conversions

Convert 10K to 14K Gold

10K Gram Weight / 0.885

Convert 14K to 10K Gold

14K Gram Weight / 1.13

Convert 14K to 18K Gold

14K Gram Weight / 0.839

Convert 18K Gold to 14K Gold

18K Gram Weight / 1.192

Convert 10K Gold to Sterling Silver

10K Gram Weight / 0.111

Convert 14K Gold to Sterling Silver

14K Gram Weight / 1.257

Convert 18K Gold to Sterling Silver

18K Gold Gram Weight / 1.498

Sterling Silver Conversions

Convert Sterling Silver to 10K Gold

Silver Gram Weight / 0.899

Convert Sterling Silver to 14K Gold

Silver Gram Weight / 0.796

Convert Sterling Silver to 18K Gold

Silver Gram Weight / 0.668

Convert Sterling Silver to Platinum

Silver Gram Weight / 0.485

Platinum Conversions

Convert Gold to Platinum

10K Gram Weight / 0.539

14K Gram Weight  / 0.609

18K Gram Weight / 0.726

Sterling Silver to Platinum

Silver Gram Weight / 0.485


Hope that helps!

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