Gram Weight of Gold Chains and Necklaces 

gold curb chain necklacesThe gram weights on gold chains can vary slightly, depending on the manufacturer’s supply at the time, which is why we put “approx.” on all of our chain weights. Chains can often vary between 5%-10% up or down + or – either way, and we have no way of controlling that. If you feel your chain weigh is significantly lower, you can request a credit to your order for the gold difference based on the price of gold on the day of your purchase if your gold chain varies more than 10% of the advertised weight.

Why is Gram Weight Important?

figaro gold chain necklace

When it comes to gold-heavy items like chains and necklaces such as figaro, curb, mariner, or other link chains, or chain necklaces such as box or rope chains, the intrinsic value of such items are prominently measured based on the gold content in the jewelry. So if you are purchasing a gold chain necklace that is listed for 30.0 grams, you should not receive a chain that weighs 25.0 grams. That would be a significant difference and you should contact the jeweler you purchased the item from for credit equivalent to the market gold price of the day. But there should be some room allowed for minor variance, perhaps within a gram or two, as it is nearly impossible to maintain the same exact gram weight on all chains consistently, which is another reason why understanding the gram weight in gold jewelry is important.

Gold Chain Weights are Often “Approx”.

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Suppliers sometimes change the manufacturing process or the supply itself might change as items go in and out of stock. It is especially difficult for online jewelers to maintain completely accurate gram weights since the inventory would have to be individually updated after each purchase and that is simply not realistic. That is why most jewelers often list their gram weights as “approximate” gram weight – but this should not be an excuse to gouge the consumer and sell gold chains that are disproportionately lower than the advertised value.

Contact the Jeweler To Request Credit

If you feel it is justified, contact the jeweler you purchased your gold necklace from and ask for a gold credit towards the difference in gram weight. We don’t recommend doing this unless the chain is more than a 10% variance, especially if the jeweler did state that their weight is “approx.” A quality jeweler will refund you the difference without question. If you have any questions about gold chains from Apples of Gold, feel free to contact us!

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