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Why is the Gram Weight in Gold Jewelry Important?

When shopping for gold jewelry, it is impossible to know whether or not you are getting a good deal, unless you know the gram weight or gold content of that item and have a general knowledge of the price of gold per gram. In this article, we will help you to have a working knowledge of both.

Gram Weight in Gold Jewelry

A reputable jeweler will always have the gram weight of a gold jewelry piece listed clearly in the description, unless the item is so lightweight (under 1 gram) that it’s not a piece that is really sold by weight but by piece.

Look for the gram weight in each jewelry piece you are evaluating or planning to purchase. For example, the rounded 14k solid gold heavy curb bracelet displayed above is listed as approx. 18.48 grams for 8″ length or 19.63 grams of 8.5″ on our website. At the time of writing, this item is listed for $1,825 for the 8 1/2 inch version (likely if a good deal of time has passed, the price has already fluctuated and likely gone up with the price of gold).

The Gram Weight Formula


To understand to cost per gram of gold, all you have to do is take the Price of the Item and divide it be the Gram Weight ($ / Gram Weight). In our example above, that works out to just under $98.75 per gram of 14k solid gold. That may seem a little higher than average, but this is a speciality piece because of the way it is made. When using the formula to determine price per gram, keep in mind also that 18k gold or 22k gold will be higher cost basis per gram due to higher purity and weight.

Let’s compare it another gold curb chain that we offer to illustrate the difference and demonstrate how gram weights work with cost in gold jewelry.

Take our lighter, standard 14k solid gold 6mm curb bracelet priced at $799 with a gold weight of 8.5 grams. This comes out to $94 per gram, a little better. Lastly, let’s take the same curb link and determine its cost per gram basis as a 20″ chain necklace. The 20 inch chain version is listed as of 2/9/22, for $1,925 with a gold weight of 23 grams. We can divide 23 by 1925 to get our cost per gram of gold, which is $83.69. Even better! In these examples, we see a range of $83.69 to $94 to $98.75 per gram of 14k gold purchased. Clearly the best deal on the face value is the 20″ 14k solid gold curb chain necklace at $83.69 per gram, although we are not seeing a major difference here in the final price. Sometimes paying $5-$10 more per gram only works out to a few hundred dollars or less in order to get the exact style of jewelry that you want. So paying that minor premium is worth it, when you consider other factors that go into making your purchase, from customer service to quality, style and reliability of the jeweler.

Sometimes paying $5-$10 more per gram only works out to a few hundred dollars or less in order to get the exact style of jewelry that you want. So paying that minor premium is worth it, when you consider other factors that go into making your purchase, from customer service to quality, style and reliability of the jeweler.

This gives you a clear mathematical way determining who has the best deal based on the gold content (gram weight) and price per gram that you are paying.

But not all jewelry is created equal. Sometimes, it may be worth paying more per gram for a number of reasons, which I’ll explain below.

When Is It OK to Pay More Per Gram?

There are times when the gram weight of a piece of gold jewelry is not the only consideration. There are numbers factors to consider. For example, is the piece handmade, therefore incurring more labor from the manufacturing side? Is it a hard to come by item? A unique item that no one else carries? Is the manufacturing process generally more expensive because it is a more intricate piece? Is it a lightweight item or is it heavy? Generally speaking, the heavier an item of gold jewelry is the less you should expect to pay per gram.

Take our 3 examples of bracelets and gold chains above. In the first example, which is $98.75 per gram, the reason for the slight added expense is that this is a harder-to-find curb link bracelet. It is made in the style of the original curb bracelets which were heavier, thicker, more substantial, with the links made closer together. Again, this small premium is not much to pay for a higher quality piece. When comparing a standard link chain or bracelet from various jewelry stores, consider our standard curb link which was at $83.69 gram, as that is more comparable, than a harder-to-find speciality chain that incurs slightly more labor costs and markups.

Take also the 14k solid gold cross pendant shown further above at a price of $825 and a gram weight of 6.33. This equals a total of $130.33 per gram. While the gold content of the cross is certainly a major determining factor, it is not the only consideration in pricing the pendant. This cross is an individually made item that is more labor intensive. The time it also takes to get a perfect plane and polish on the surface and back of the cross is more expensive and time consuming, so the labor costs are higher. Since we are not mass producing these in bulk but individually crafting and assembling each piece by hand, the cost is obviously higher. So you can see you are paying a premium for a higher quality, individually made cross that very few others offer, if at all, in this design and individually made heirloom quality piece that can be passed on through the generations.

Paying for Customer Service

A final factor to consider is that you are not only paying for the jewelry that you purchase but also for the guarantees, warranties, return policy and the level of customer service. Is your jewelry a phone call or email away? Do they answer the phone when you call or get back to you within a reasonable time? Do you trust the company you are purchasing from? Do they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, like Apples of Gold, does? Price alone is not the only determining factor, although it is a major one, which is why Apples of Gold Jewelry takes a value-based approach.

Contact us if you have any questions about pricing jewelry or gram weights and when comparison shopping, it never hurts to send us the other item you are looking at and we will do our best to match or beat their prices, based on actual gram weight and the various considerations we have discussed in this article.

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