Amethyst is the February Birthstone 

The beautiful and lilac and sometimes deep purple colored amethyst is the traditional February birthstone. Amethyst is also the 6th wedding anniversary gift.

The idea of birthstones goes back as far as the Bible—to the breastplate of Aaron when God established the Levitical priesthood. The breastplate with its 12 gems representing the twelve tribes of Israel was adorned with various gemstones. We also see evidence of birthstones of Flavius Josephus in the 1st century AD and Jerome in the 5th century AD, who made the connection between birthstones and the stars.

The Science of the Amethyst

Amethyst is a variety of quartz characterized by its pretty and often deep purple hue and lilac colors. Relative to other gemstones, amethyst is fairly hard, making it ideal for use in jewelry, such as in amethyst rings. The amethyst gemstone has a hexagonal crystal structure and naturally forms a triangle, making it beautiful for jewelry use. Amethyst is mined from geodes within organic rocks. What is a geode? It is a geological formation within hollow sedimentary rocks, such as naturally occurring volcanic rocks, where masses of the amethyst mineral are found.

Mystical Properties

There are mystical properties surrounding the naturally occurring purple amethyst gemstone. While these are obviously outdated myths and urban legends, the Romans believed that amethyst would help prevent you from getting drunk when consuming alcohol.

Additionally, like many gemstones, the amethyst crystal is said to have healing and protective properties. It is also said to stimulate the mind and the emotions. How much of that is true, how much is the stuff of myth and legends and how much is merely a placebo effect?

Amethyst Engagement Rings

Apples of Gold Jewelry offers not only amethyst jewelry and rings, but also amethyst engagement rings, which make a great alternative to diamond engagement rings for the pure amethyst aficionado.

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