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Amethyst Rings: February’s Birthstone

Art Deco Diamond and Amethyst Ring, 14K White Gold

AMGR-1CThe greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.” ~ Brian Tracy

February is the month for giving gifts of love, and if you love someone born in February, you’re all set with this splendid art deco diamond and amethyst ring in 14k white gold! Held by four solid gold prongs, the rich, deep violet of the center stone has long been associated with royalty. The stunning square cushion-cut of this gemstone adds an air of nobility to the ring. Flanked by four diamonds on each side, the sparkle is unbelievable. Eight diamonds total 0.16 carats and the amethyst has a weight of 1.25 carats and measures 7mm. This gorgeous ring is also available in sterling silver.


Cushion Cut Amethyst and Diamond Ring, 14K White Gold

SPR7774AMMy father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” ~ Jim Valvano

To believe in another person is a gift unparalleled, and when you love someone deeply, you believe in them. This cushion cut amethyst and diamond ring is a gift that will show someone how deeply you hold them in your estimation, and lucky is the lady whose love is so strong. The 8mm, 2.50 carat amethyst dominates the 14k white gold ring, but the halo and cascading diamonds that flank the center stone just add to the dazzling display of light playing on the many facets of the stones. Gorgeous enough to wear with the most sophisticated of her outfits, she’ll want to wear it time and again. A read head-turner! This ring is also available with a pink topaz center stone.

Trillion-Cut Amethyst and Diamond Ring

SPR8072AMCThe greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.” ~ Brian Tracy

This trillion-cut amethyst and diamond ring makes a pretty nice gift, too! In fact, a woman who loves the unusual will be head over heels for this unique ring. The trillion-cut gemstone is the focus of this unexpected design, held in place by three triangular, solid gold prongs and flanked on one side by three round diamonds and on the other by one round diamond. The little sparklers add 0.08 carats to the three-quarters of a carat that is the amethyst for a brilliant shine that will be matched only by her smile. The uncommon shape of the band itself flows in gentle curves to add to the overall exquisite design. This ring is also available with a tanzanite center gemstone.

Vintage Filigree Amethyst Ring in .925 Sterling Silver

HGO-R93AMWCA friend is a gift you give yourself.” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

If a friend is a gift you give yourself, why not give your friend a birthday gift that is as special as she is? A gorgeous, vintage filigree amethyst ring in .925 sterling silver will show this sterling friendship for what it is.

Victoria herself would have cherished such a ring, with an octagonal-shaped setting that holds a 6mm round, genuine amethyst gemstone. The filigree band is designed after the vintage rings used as inspiration for Apples of Gold’s craftsmen’s forms. Lovely for the best friend you ever had! Also available in 14K White Gold, 18K Gold or Platinum by request.

Heart Shaped Amethyst and Diamond Ring, 10K White Gold

SPR8149AM“The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.” ~ Albert Einstein

For the woman who loves fantasy, this ring will transport her to a fairytale of happily-ever-after with its elegant split band and its extraordinary setting of amethyst and diamonds. The heart-shaped, 5mm, genuine amethyst sits at center stage, with its cast of supporting diamonds—10 of them—clustered around it like adoring fans. Three solid gold prongs hold the heart securely in place, and the 10k white gold band gleams like the footlights that showcase the main actor. Give her the gift of fantasy! Also available with a blood-red garnet center stone.


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