Get Stunning Elegance With Amethyst Jewelry and Rings 

If you are ready to enjoy stunning elegance and beauty, then you are ready to discover the amazing look of Amethyst luxury jewelry. Available in a wide range of beautiful purple shades, the Amethyst gemstone is thought to help improve energy flow through the body and promote sobriety. It is also the commonly used birthstone for  the month of February.  When you need beauty and elegance at affordable prices, Apples of Gold has many pieces to choose from for Amethyst jewelry.

Amethyst and White Gold Ring

Heart Shaped Amethyst and Diamond Ring, 10K White Gold

Combine stunning white gold with the stunning shades of Amethyst gemstones cut into a beautiful heart shaped piece. The large central heart piece is surrounded by diamond pieces that have been cut for stunning shine and brilliance. The Amethyst heart features wide gemstone surfaces that maximize the luster of this ring. Enjoy the amazing elegance and beauty of this Amethyst ring and show the world your excellent taste of style! Add this ring to your collection today!

Silver and Amethyst Mom Pendant

Amethyst and Diamond Mom Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver

Show mom just how much you do care this year with a special gift that is made just for her! With elegantly scripted lettering fashioned out of fine sterling silver  with a larger Amethyst gemstone making up the “O” in MOM.  The pendant features a classy underscore with diamond inlays and a very simple and versatile clasp that works well with any necklace design. This piece would make a fine addition to any collection and would be a great way to say “I love you” to mom!

Amethyst Drop Earrings

Amethyst Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver

Enjoy beautiful dark purple Amethyst gemstones in these stunning earring sets!  each earring features two elegantly cut gemstones that have been fashioned to maximize color and shine. These drop earrings hang at just over two inches in length and add the perfect splash of style and color to any outfit or look you might be going for. You cannot go wrong with these simple yet stunning earrings. Get a set you can wear any day and add that extra something to your jewelry collection!

The options are almost limitless and the styles you can accessorize are endless. Trust Apples of Gold for all of your Gold and Silver Amethyst Jewelry needs and experience the beauty, splendor, and shine of fine luxury jewelry!

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