Halo Engagement Rings: Five Trendy Yet Timeless Styles 

1 Carat Princess-Cut Halo Diamond Engagement RingSome have raised the question, “Are halo engagement rings just a passing trend?” The answer is a resounding “NO!” While halo styles are particularly popular at present, they’re far more than a fleeting fad!

Halo rings surround a center gem with a frame of smaller stones that seem to magnify the dazzle of the center gem—a sparkle-boosting strategy that’s proven its staying power. This look first came into vogue during the Art Deco Period, in the 1920s, and its popularity spiked once more in the 1960s. It’s trending once again in the present, but it never actually went out of fashion—it’s been a tasteful pick for nearly a century! Even the Duchess of Cambridge, who’s known for her impeccable style, wears a sapphire and diamond halo ring on her left hand.

3/4 Carat Diamond Circle Ring in 14K White Gold

Not only do halo engagement rings have enduring style; there’s a variation for just about every taste! Let’s take a look at five of halo ring’s many personalities.

Glamorous Princess Cut: 1 Carat Princess-Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A princess-cut stone gives the halo ring a look that’s sophisticated and contemporary.  A 0.75 carat diamond in this square-shaped cut is the star of this ring as it rises above a frame of smaller diamonds and a diamond-set band. Beaded edges hem in these 38 accent stones, adding the perfect finishing touch to this upscale style.

1.50 Carat Radiant-Cut Yellow and White Diamond Ring

Round and Classic: 3/4 Carat Diamond Circle Ring in 14K White Gold

If styles with timeless elegance are usually the ones that catch your eye, this is one ring you won’t want to miss! The centerpiece of this design is a 0.40-carat round diamond, and this gem’s glitter is enhanced by the diamonds that encircle it in simple yet stunning fashion. The slender 14K white gold band is studded with additional diamonds, adding extra sparkle to this perpetually chic ring.

With Golden Sparkle: 1.50 Carat Radiant-Cut Yellow and White Diamond Ring

White diamonds aren’t the only gems that are stunning with a halo! As this ring demonstrates, less than traditional stones are especially striking with a frame of colorless sparkle. A breathtaking radiant-cut yellow diamond, over a carat in weight, gives this 14k white gold ring an ample dose of warm dazzle and its color is reflected in the 26 white diamonds that surround it. The 2mm band is set with eight more white diamonds that add to this design’s show-stopping beauty.

Black and White Diamond Halo Ring in 14K White Gold

In Black and White: Black and White Diamond Halo Ring in 14K White Gold

The pairing of black and white diamonds is always striking, and this ring is no exception. A two-carat black diamond, 8mm across, instantly draws the eye, and it’s made even more head-turning by the 0.43 carats of white diamonds that contrast it. These colorless glittering channel-set stones offset this style’s dark centerpiece as they surround the center stone and glitter from their places in the shining 14K white gold band.

3/4 Carat Art Deco Diamond Wedding Ring SetWith a Double Halo: 3/4 Carat Art Deco Diamond Wedding Ring Set

If one halo can magnify the sparkle of a center stone, think of what two halos can do! You won’t need to wonder when you see this dazzling engagement ring and wedding band set. The center stone—a round, 0.26 carat diamond—gives the illusion of a much larger gem as it’s surrounded by two concentric, squared-off frames of smaller diamonds. The bands of both pieces in this perfectly parried set are studded with additional diamonds, finishing off a look that truly makes the most of 0.75 carats of sparkle.

Halo rings are here to stay! And, there are plenty of ways to wear this timely yet timeless style.

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