Yellow Diamonds Engagement Rings for Love That Lights Up Your Heart 

3/4 Carat Princess Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement RingFrom Kelly Clarkson to Adele, yellow diamonds are showing up on the left hands of an increasing number of celebrities. However, these stunning styles with warmly glittering stones aren’t just for the rich and famous! Yellow diamond rings are unique and gorgeous ways to pop the question, and Apples of Gold’s collection of diamond engagement rings contains several breathtaking yellow diamond styles.

It’s estimated that only one in a thousand mined diamonds is a yellow diamond, making diamonds with a golden hue exceedingly rare and, as a result, very expensive. However, yellow diamonds can also take on their striking hue in a lab, and these stones are much more affordable. All of Apples of Gold’s yellow diamond rings feature this second type of yellow diamond: they’re genuine white diamonds that are given a warm hue through an irradiation process, not lab-created stones.

Canary Yellow and White Bezel-Set Diamond RingThe 3/4 Carat Princess Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring showcases the unique beauty of the yellow diamond in simple, incredibly elegant fashion. A single princess cut yellow diamond, ¾ carat in weight, rises above a smooth, shining band of 14K white gold, held in classic fashion by four gleaming prongs.

Styles that combine yellow diamonds with white diamond accents are also eye-catching picks as the colorless glimmer of the traditional engagement ring stone offsets a yellow diamond. For instance, the Canary Yellow and White Bezel-Set Diamond Ring surrounds a 1.20 carat cushion-cut yellow diamond with a halo of small round diamonds and places it on a white gold band set with additional dazzling stones. Or, consider the 0.90 Carat Cushion-Cut Yellow and White Diamond Ring which places a slightly greater emphasis on white glitter.

0.90 Carat Cushion-Cut Yellow and White Diamond RingYellow diamond engagement rings are a little out of the ordinary, and that’s just what makes them extraordinary. These gorgeous styles will never be overlooked!

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