Irish Wedding Bands to Celebrate Endless Love 

Irish Celtic Heart Love Knot Wedding BandIrish wedding bands aren’t only for the Irish! Why? The Celtic designs that adorn many of these wedding rings are far more than attractive motifs or emblems of St. Patrick’s homeland: they’re representations of never-ending love! Celtic knots twist and intertwine with no starting or ending point, making them excellent options when you’re looking for a ring that will celebrate your lifelong commitment to your spouse. In addition, the interlocking nature of these designs serves as a symbol of the way that two people are woven together in a marriage relationship.

Titanium Celtic Wedding Band Ring

With styles ranging from sleek titanium looks to daring two-tone designs, there are Irish wedding bands to suit the taste of nearly any bride and groom—regardless of whether either of them hails from the Emerald Isle. Let’s take a look at a sampling of these meaningful rings!

The Irish Celtic Heart Love Knot Wedding Band perfectly combines the symbolism of Celtic motifs with the timeless emblem of love. This eye-catching style is surrounded by a continuous pretzel-like design that weaves hearts into a timeless Celtic knot. This pattern stands out from the cool, flat band in vibrant green, though it’s also available in a number of other colors. And, since this piece is crafted from titanium—a metal known for its fortitude—it’s also an excellent symbol of the enduring strength of your love.

Celtic Knot Wedding Band in 14K White GoldThe Titanium Celtic Wedding Band Ring is another Celtic design that serves as a symbol of strength thanks to the metal from which it’s made, and its sleek style sets it apart. This flat band is encircled with a never-ending infinity knot design, a motif that resembles a figure eight and symbolizes eternity. This undeniably cool style is available in your choice of widths, from 6mm to 10mm, as well as your choice of a polished, satin or matte finish. No matter which options you choose, this ring is a powerful symbol of love that lasts.

The Celtic Knot Wedding Band in 14K White Gold provides a more airy take on a similar design, as it’s designed to allow the wearer’s skin to show through its polished pattern. This 4mm-wide wedding ring creates an infinity knot motif around the wearer’s finger from a single strand of 14K white gold, creating a strong yet elegant emblem of the endless love that you and that special someone share.

Caedmon Celtic Wedding Band, 14K White GoldThe Caedmon Celtic Wedding Band in 14K White Gold provides a three-dimensional take on the Celtic knot as a cool, polished white gold band serves as the foundation for a gleaming design that can be felt as well as seen. This striking design is bold, sleek and timeless, perfect for expressing your timeless connection to the one you love.

Kendrick Celtic Wedding Band, 14K White GoldIf you’d prefer a three-dimensional design with a modern feel, don’t miss the Kendrick Celtic Wedding Band in 14K White Gold! This 8mm-wide ring is wrapped with an angular take on the hourglass-shaped infinity knot, giving it a decidedly contemporary look. This style is an exception among Celtic rings: while most Celtic knot motifs shy away from sharp corners, the pattern that adorns this piece adds a bit of an edge that makes a centuries-old design seem completely fresh.

Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding Band in 14K Yellow Gold


While the vast majority of the Celtic wedding bands that Apples of Gold carries are well-suited for both men and women, be sure to check our out selection of Men’s Celtic wedding bands and Women’s Celtic wedding bands for ideas specific to the bride and groom. The Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding Band in 14K Yellow Gold is an excellent option for men and women alike as it’s covered with sculpted three-loop motifs known as Triquetras or Trinity knots. The Triquetra serves as a symbol of the three persons of the Trinity, making this style not only attractive, but also a reminder of your faith. These emblems and the border that hems them in have been polished to a high shine, allowing them to stand out from the brushed-finished backdrop.

14K Rose Gold Celtic Filigree Wedding Band


Rose gold brings a warm, romantic glow to any style, and Apples of Gold’s selection of Celtic wedding bands includes several styles that feature this pinkish metal. The 14K Rose Gold Celtic Filigree Wedding Band is a lovely example. This 10mm-wide flat band provides a slightly subtler take on the Celtic knot than many other styles as its design is engraved rather than sculpted. But, if you look closely, you’ll notice that this ring adds an extra measure of symbolism to its Celtic motif: in the center of each interlocking emblem that adorns this ring is a hidden cross, making this ring an excellent way to acknowledge the role of your faith in your love.

Wedding bands that pair two contrasting metals instantly catch the eye, and the two-tone treatment is an excellent way to make a Celtic knot really pop. The Celtic Heart Knot Wedding Band Ring in 14K Two-Tone Gold is a unique and romantic example as it pairs a warm, gleaming yellow gold motif with white gold edges that frame them in stylish contrast. The three-dimensional design that’s repeated around this ring creates a heart within a gracefully curving Celtic knot, serving as a reminder that your heart and the heart of the one you love are inextricably woven together.

Celtic Heart Knot Wedding Band Ring, 14K Two-Tone Gold

Celtic knots have been around for over 1,000 years, and their interlocking look never goes out of fashion. But enduring style is far from the only reason to choose an Irish wedding ring: styles with Celtic motifs are also vivid symbols of love without end.

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