Heart Wedding Bands: Unmistakable Expressions of Love 

Before we can read, most of us understand that a heart is a symbol of love. However, as we grow, we gain a greater understanding of what it means to truly love another person and to be loved in return. And, in a marriage, we discover that this love continually grows, allowing us to love more than we ever imagined we could. Heart wedding rings, from Celtic styles to whimsically carved designs, provide beautiful representations of this ever-increasing love.

English Novelist Sir Hugh Walpole wrote “The most wonderful of all things in life is the discovery of another human being with whom one’s relationship has a growing depth, beauty and joy as the years increase.” Like the bond he describes, wedding bands that feature hearts will only grow in beauty and in meaning as the years pass.

Unique Hearts Wedding Band in 14K White GoldFor a sweet statement of love, don’t miss the Unique Hearts Wedding Band in 14K White Gold! This slender 14K white gold band is adorned with tiny hearts that all look hopefully upward, giving this piece a sense of lightheartedness and grace. The shining surface of each of these lovingly carved motifs stands out against an antique-finish background, as do the graceful paisley-like strokes that embellish the outer edges. In addition to this 14K white gold version, this whimsical wedding ring is also available in yellow gold.

Three-dimensional, gleaming hearts shine in the spotlight in the Eternal Heart Wedding Band Ring in 14K Two-Tone Gold. These symbols of love, crafted from shinning 14K white gold, wrap around the wearer’s finger like a warm embrace and draw the eye as they rise from a contrasting 14K yellow gold band. Yellow gold edges add additional contrast and pull the ring together with a sleek, polished look.

Eternal Heart Wedding Band Ring in 14K Two-Tone GoldTitanium wedding bands that feature hearts are particularly fitting symbols of lasting love, as they’re crafted from a metal that’s incredibly strong and able to stand up to a long lifetime of wear and tear. The motif that wraps around the Irish Celtic Heart Love Knot Wedding Band makes it an especially fitting picture of the longevity of your bond: a modern interpretation of a Celtic knot—a design that many have adopted as a symbol of eternity due to its never-ending curves—is combined with a heart to create an eye-catching picture of love without end. This motif is especially attention grabbing as its green hue stands out from the cool gray titanium band that holds it.

Irish Celtic Heart Love Knot Wedding BandIf you’d prefer a slightly more traditional style that combines Celtic knots and hearts, consider the Celtic Heart Knot Wedding Band Ring in 14K Two-Tone Gold. An intricate, elegant design is repeated all the way around this unique band in shining, three-dimensional 14K yellow gold. This motif pops in contrast to the 14K white gold band, placing an emphasis on its unique beauty and on the symbolism behind it.

Any of these Heart wedding bands is perfect for conveying your love. Try one to celebrate your ever-growing affection—today and always.

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