Romantic Sterling Silver Necklaces: Three Great Picks at $65 or Less 

Do you want to express your affection loud and clear this Valentine’s Day, but feel limited by the size of your budget? If this sounds like you, consider one of Apples of Gold’s romantic and affordable sterling silver pendants!

Like all of Apples of Gold’s silver jewelry, their romantic sterling silver pendants are crafted from .925 sterling silver—the highest quality of silver that can be used in jewelry. This durable alloy combines small amounts of the other metals with pure silver, which is too soft on its own to be practical for pendants.

Sterling Silver Heart Key Pendant

While many love sterling silver for its clean, cool, versatile sheen, its biggest draw is often its low price tag: pieces crafted from it usually cost just a fraction of the cost of their white gold counterparts. Sterling silver’s wallet-friendly nature, combined with its naturally cool, versatile sheen, make it an ideal medium for romantic yet affordable jewelry. Here’s proof: each of the attractive pieces to follow costs $65 or less.

Sterling Silver Two Become One Pearl Necklace

The Sterling Silver Heart Key Pendant combines a classic symbol of love—the heart—with a graceful key, making it an ideal gift for that special someone who is able to unlock the deepest parts of your soul. Two hearts are integrated into this lovely design, one at the top and one in the place of the key’s teeth, creating a unique picture of love’s ability to open your heart. At just over 2¼” high, this pendant is bold enough to make a statement but small enough to be elegant.

If you’re looking for a piece to celebrate the matchless bond between a husband and wife, don’t miss the Sterling Silver Two Become One Pearl Necklace! This unique piece creates a gorgeous picture of two lives becoming one, joined in love. Two sterling silver strands pass through an open heart, working together to create a symbol of your connection. An 8mm teardrop-shaped freshwater cultured pearl dangles from each strand, adding a graceful touch, while the upper half the heart is given a hint of sparkle with cubic zirconia accents. As part of the Sentimental Expressions collection, this necklace comes in a magnetic gift box and includes a card with a poem and Bible verse. It’s a lovely gift for the one with whom you share your life.


Soulmate Sterling Silver Heart PendantLike the piece before it, the Two Hearts One Flesh Sterling Silver Heart Pendant is also part of the Sentimental Expressions collection. A symmetrical heart of solid sterling silver forms the base of this pendant, while a second sparkling heart leans in from the right, gracefully curving in a joyful celebration of the blessing of finding your perfect match. This 1¼” pendant includes an 18” sterling silver chain, so that it’s ready to give the moment you receive it.

Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to say “I love you”! Any of these sterling silver heart pendants would make a lovely Valentine’s Day gift, especially if you’re on a budget. Try one of these romantic pendants to express your love without breaking the bank.

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