Princess-cut Diamond Rings for a Love Worth Choosing 

True love is more than just falling head over heels. It involves choosing to love someone over and over, and falling in love with that person more deeply as time goes by. The timeless yet modern appeal of princess-cut diamond rings allows them to serve as gorgeous symbols of love that’s worth choosing time and time again.

1/2 Carat Cathedral Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, 14K White GoldThe princess cut is relatively new, but diamonds that display it are an extremely popular pick, second only to round diamonds. Princess-cut diamonds are loved for their clean, modern shape and for their ability to reflect light. They contain approximately 76 facets, approximately 20 more than their round counterparts, giving them brilliant sparkle and a look worthy of royalty. Whether you choose a classic solitaire or a vintage-inspired look, diamond rings that feature glittering, square-shaped princess-cut diamonds have timeless appeal.

Cathedral settings are a popular way to draw attention to the beauty of princess-cut diamonds, as elegantly demonstrated by the 1/2 Carat Cathedral Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold. Reminiscent of the graceful arcs of its namesake, this sleek setting sweeps up from the band to meet the stone it holds, drawing eyes to the glittering surface of this half-carat diamond. This ring is simple but striking, showcasing the beauty of gleaming 14K white gold and the most enduring of gemstones.

1 Carat Three Stone Princess Cut Although princess-cut diamonds are a fairly new invention, they can add dramatic, brilliant beauty to designs that are inspired by the past. For example, the 1 Carat Three Stone Princess Cut “Floret” Diamond Ring is rich with the feminine charm of the Victorian Era, but it’s given a contemporary twist with the addition of three dazzling princess-cut diamonds: a half-carat center stone, hugged by smaller diamonds. A total of six round channel-set diamonds provide additional sparkle as they peek upward from their place on the intricately-carved band. A lively motif of leaves and floret adorns all visible sides of this band, adding to this ring’s extraordinary appeal.

Three-stone styles are a popular way to showcase princess-cut stones, as these designs allow these stones to nestle close to one another to create a cluster of timeless sparkle. The 1 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring gorgeously demonstrates the perpetual appeal of three-stone styles. A half-carat princess-cut diamond is joined by two smaller, similarly-shaped stones, one on each side, forming an unfussy but dazzling symbol of love. Clean 14K white gold provides a classy foundation for these stones, completing a look that’s a true modern classic.

0.75 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring SetBridal ring sets that feature princess-cut diamonds combine the contemporary classic beauty of a princess-cut diamond engagement ring with a perfectly coordinating wedding band. For instance, the 0.75 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Set pairs a ¾-carat princess-cut solitaire ring with a matching 14K white gold band.

No matter how you chose to display princess-cut diamonds, these stones radiate with timeless beauty. Select an engagement ring that features one or more of these dazzling diamonds to celebrate a love that you’d choose over and over again.

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