Why Settle for the Ordinary Diamond Engagement Ring? 


Why settle for the ordinary diamond engagement ring when you can wear the extraordinary? Apples of Gold is a purveyor of classic, timeless jewelry pieces but of the unique, indelible, and the stellar fine diamond, gemstone, and precious metals pieces that make you stop and wonder. We showcase designs that are not easily forgotten, but are always affordable.

Among three recently added examples of diamond and engagement rings that are new to our collection is the ethereal diamond halo engagement ring in 14k white gold, shown above. One of our most unique pieces, our design is a take on the diamond halo ring, which is usually a circle of halo diamonds around the center stone, but in this case, the diamonds are staggered around the center in a more symmetrical pattern, creating an “ethereal” look that is simply divine, making this ring among our most dreamy and unique diamond ring designs.


Another extraordinary diamond engagement ring is Apples of Gold’s 1 carat three-stone diamond halo engagement ring set in 14k white gold (also available in 18k, yellow gold, or platinum by request). A new take on the diamond halo ring, this new design incorporates the surrounding halo stones with the popular three stone diamond ring style instead of the diamond solitaire. The result is nothing short of stunning! A splash of quality white diamonds also accent the shank of the band, making this a truly exquisite engagement ring that should please any bride!

sculptured diamond engagement ring

Our final selection is another magnificent and artistically inspired design set with a princess-cut diamond center-stone, a “halo” of diamonds along the face of the ring and diamonds on the band with a unique paisley-etched design along the side of the shank. Set in 14k white gold, Apples of Gold’s Sculptured Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, along with most diamond rings from Apples of Gold are available in yellow gold, 18k gold, or platinum by request (even if the piece is not listed that way on the website).

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